Book 02 Chapter 003: Do You Remember the Stone in the Store?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 003: Do You Remember the Stone in the Store?

“…I’m not used to it. I feel that sleeping is more dependable.” Alright. In truth, Chen Heng did not know that Servants had a spirit form, an essential ability of Servants. After all, he had never been a Servant before. How would he know what abilities Servants had? He only noticed that he had such an ability after Merlin mentioned it.

Queen of Ice and Snow: Alright, alright. Stop the livestream, then. Goodbye!”

“Alright. When I wake up tomorrow, I will restart the livestream. If you want to watch, just come on in.”

Chen Heng had pitched the tent while chatting. After he entered, he discovered that its interior was quite large. He did not like cramped spaces.

After shutting off the livestream, he took out a pillow and blanket from the spatial storage. He laid them out and lay down. He had eaten dinner before coming, so he went straight to bed; resting would help him quickly recover his mana.

Chen Heng’s mana was his Will Energy. If Will Energy got drained, it would slowly recover after resting for a while. Sleeping was the fastest way to recover.


When Chen Heng woke up, he immediately checked the time in the chat group interface. It was already past eight. This time, his biological clock had not worked. Rather, it might have worked, but every world’s timezone was different. Perhaps this was called the time difference between worlds.

Chen Heng washed his face with water from his spatial storage, brushed his teeth, and returned to his tent to continue waiting. As of now, he did not know what to do, as his mission was to reinforce Gudako. He could trace Gudako’s location from here.

However, the tracking system did not react, which meant Gudako’s group had not arrived in this world yet. Chen Heng did not dare to train outside and could only wait in the tent.

Chen Heng had already laid a web of attraction force with a one-kilometer radius. As long as anyone stepped into this area, he would notice. Furthermore, he had the True Name Discernment personal skill. Aside from figuring out Jeanne d’

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