Book 02 Chapter 002: Chen Heng’s Servant Status Screen
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 002: Chen Heng’s Servant Status Screen

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: This is simply starting with the final boss battle! By the way, He Who Knows Fate, why didn’t you just end them there? Is it because you did not want to deprive Chaldea’s group of an opportunity to gain experience?

“That is one consideration, but more importantly, I was weakened. The power of my ability was significantly weaker. Furthermore, the energy drain was severe. I might not be able to defeat those Servants.

Chen Heng answered Yakumo Yukari’s question, which popped up on a screen, as he flew in the sky.

“I think it is because of this Servant body.”

Queen of Ice and Snow: It should be because of the Servant body. Servants are weakened Heroic Spirits that a Holy Grail summoned. They possess only a small portion of the Heroic Spirit’s strength. Furthermore, their abilities might be reduced due to rank limitations. It is not strange that this happened.

[TL Note: Here is more information on Holy Grails and Heroic Spirits: and]

Magus of Flowers: You can check your Servant status screen to see how badly your ability was weakened.

“Sure. I’ll take a look at the Servant status screen first,” Chen Heng said as he maintained flight and split some attention to the Servant status screen that he had just noticed.

True Name: He Who Knows Fate (**)

Class: Ruler

Alignment: Lawful/Neutral

Strength: B

Agility: B

Mana: A (Converted from Will Energy. It is weakened.)

Endurance: B

Magic Resistance: C

Luck: D (A) (Lowered due to an ancestor overdrawing luck.)


Personal Skills:

*Clan Sword Technique: B (The rank should be higher, but the user cannot continue cultivating it for some reason.)

Dragonslayer: A (Given by Alaya)

Absolute Precognition: B (A+) (Damaged)

Attraction: EX (Able to pull down the moon.)

Gravity: A

True Name Discernment: B

Independent Action: A

Noble Phantasm:

Ancestral Storage Necklace: B (A

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