Book 02 Chapter 007: Using Cooking to Subdue Chaldea
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 007: Using Cooking to Subdue Chaldea

As Chen Heng cooked, the other three, who were exchanging information, occasionally glanced over, as the aroma of his cooking was extremely enticing. Not to mention them, even Chen Heng felt hungry from the smell.

“Mash, Jeanne, may I trouble you with something?” Chen Heng suddenly interjected while cooking as the two Servants exchanged information.

“What’s wrong, Mister Ruler? Do you need help? Just say the word.”

“It’s like this. I’m currently cooking and can’t leave. However, there’re some biological reactions less than one kilometer southeast. Can you go check them out? If they’re hostile, just eliminate them.”

“Does Mister Ruler have some sort of detection skill?”

“This is just a variation of my attraction personal skill. I laid a web of attraction force over the area within one kilometer of us. As long as a living creature steps in, I will immediately receive a reaction.”

“Attraction? Web?” This was Jeanne’s reaction to Chen Heng’s words. Clearly, this village girl saint did not understand modern science.

“It is just a skill. Can I trouble you to check?” Explaining would be problematic, so Chen Heng decided to avoid doing so. He might explain it to Mash while traveling later. Mash was a good student.

“Alright, Mister Ruler.”

Mash and Jeanne headed to the southeast to check while Fujimaru Ritsuka remained.

Fujimaru Ritsuka started to speak, “Ruler—”

Chen Heng interrupted her, “There’s no need to address me as Ruler. Just call me Chen Heng. This is my true name. You can also address me as He Who Knows Fate.”

“Chen Heng…I’d better call you He Who Knows Fate. After all, it is not good to use the true name in front of an enemy.”

“Sure. Whichever you prefer. What did you want to ask earlier?”

“Uh…” Fujimaru Ritsuka did not know how to answer. After all, she could not say she was trying to figure out Chen Heng’s true name. In the end, before she asked, he told her.

“You were trying to figure out my true name, right?” Chen Heng spoke aloud what Fujimaru Ritsuka thought.

“Hey! He Who Knows Fate, how di

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