Book 01 Chapter 031: A Beauty with a Vicious Tongue, Feng Baobao
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 031: A Beauty with a Vicious Tongue, Feng Baobao

Of course, there is. Although there is no tangible reward for that, it can improve your secret rating among the world consciousnesses. This can be described as the world’s impression of you. If the impression is good enough, some worlds might give you missions with high rewards and low difficulty. Also, you…never mind. I’ll explain in detail after you complete the mission. Take it as an extra reward from me.

Alright. However, can you explain everything in one go next time?

Alright, alright. Chase this transmigrator away for me first.

Hearing the half-hearted tone, Chen Heng knew that this world consciousness had not listened. However, it did not matter.

“That’s right. Xu San, take this meteor as compensation. After all, there was such a big commotion. Remember to calm the situation down. I was not lying earlier. This should be a rare meteorite. The feeling of using it to smash someone is quite different. There might be some rare metals or something.” This was the first time Chen Heng pulled a meteor down. He would not dare be so ostentatious in his own world.

If Chen Heng had brought a meteor down there, the Special Affairs Bureau would have arrested him even before the meteor reached the ground. Furthermore, the meteor would not get anywhere close to the ground. Previously, he had only tried moving meteors.

“Tha-thanks.” Xu San looked at the large meteor dubiously at the side, feeling a slight headache.

There are some benefits in getting to dispose of this meteorite. However, how do we deal with the impact of this matter? Half the city saw it. There is no way to hide it. Furthermore, the meteorite did not cause any commotion or make any sound when it landed. This is hard to accept. Nevertheless, it truly caused a stir, affecting everyone here. All of us should have been wiped out.

Gas explosion? That’s not suitable. A secret weapon developed by the United States? …No one will believe that. Aliens? Some might, but we cannot say that. Never mind. I can’t be bothered anymore. I’ll leave this to Xu Si to hand

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