Book 01 Chapter 030: What a Large Meteor
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 030: What a Large Meteor

“Xu San`er, look! There’s a meteor! And it is getting larger!” Feng Baobao nudged Xu San and pointed to the sky.

“Huh? What meteor? Damn! A meteor?! It’s coming at us!” Xu San looked at the meteor growing larger. Then, he looked at the rock he made float. Now, he no longer wanted to save Zhang Chulan. He immediately pulled Feng Baobao, itching to leave.

“Damn! This is too ridiculous, right? Run! Quickly!” Zhu Wen broke out in a cold sweat. He initially thought that this was a bronze-tier character. It turned out this was a king-tier character. Who the heck could win? The situation completely changed.

[TL Note: The bronze-tier and king-tier are likely referencing the matchmaking tiers of Honor of Kings.]

“Trying to leave now? It’s not that easy.” Chen Heng saw this group of people trying to leave. The gravity field he set up earlier instantly activated.

“I’m so heavy! I can’t move!” the six exclaimed.

“There’s no rush. This is a meteor! It’s something that you might not even run into in your lifetime. Why the rush to leave?”

No one listened to Chen Heng. Instead, they watched in despair as the meteor approached them, getting closer and closer. However, they could not move at all.

At this moment, everyone started thinking their most truthful words in their hearts. Let’s take the main character of Under One Person, for example. He thought, This great me is still a virgin!

[Author Note: He truly lives up to his nickname of No-Shake Jade Lotus. The things that a person with a purity mark thinks of before death are truly different.]

[TL Note: No-Shake Jade Lotus is Chinese slang for shameless. A purity mark is a red dot on a person’s skin, which serves as proof of virginity. If one lost one’s virginity, the mark would disappear. There is documentation of this in China, but the recipe has been lost. Of course, there is no way to prove that this really worked as proof of virginity. It was likely something made up for the wealthy to have claims of purity. In this anime, this purity mark seems to have the effect of

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