Book 01 Chapter 029: Substandard, Inferior Sword Control Flight
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 029: Substandard, Inferior Sword Control Flight

Are you the world consciousness? Telepathic communication? This was nothing to make a fuss over for Chen Heng, as he had already learned how to type telepathically in the Dimension Administrators Association.

Right, right! That is me. Quickly chase that transmigrator away. If he does not agree, then just kill him!

Is there a need to rush? Where is he?

He is going to rescue Zhang Chulan with the Express Delivery Company. You have read the comic or anime before coming here, right? It’s the starting segment. There’s also a Xiangxi corpse herder. This world consciousness’s mouth was like a machine gun, rattling on nonstop.

[TL Note: Xiangxi is a region in China. You can read more about it here:]

[TL Note: A corpse herder is a Daoist priest that uses shamanistic techniques to move a corpse back to its hometown. They use a ritual to make the corpse move on their own; this is seen as a form of white magic, as the ritual allows the dead to have their burial rites in their hometown, which was important to the Chinese. They would ring bells and gongs to alert people of their presence beforehand, so that the people would stay away and lock up the dogs lest the dogs damage the corpses. This was one of the origins of the Chinese zombie legends. Of course, this is just a legend, and there is no proof of this. You can read more about it in the Origin Story segment of Wikipedia’s Jiangshi (Chinese zombie) entry:]

You know the story too?

Little brat, who are you looking down on?

Come on, give me a location. I’ll fly over.

I’ve already marked the location. Hurry! Lu Liang cannot get captured now.

Got it.

Chen Heng did not need to hide his abilities in this world. After all, no one could defeat him. He directly took to the sky by eliminating the downward attraction and turning it into a repulsion force. This allowed him to hover in the air. Then, he applied repulsion behind him, allowing him to achieve fl

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