Book 01 Chapter 032: The Miserable Chen Clan
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 032: The Miserable Chen Clan

Like I believe you. You clearly were trying to use the main character to turn the tables earlier. Chen Heng glanced at Zhu Wen in disdain. Seeing that this fellow was about to wipe snot on his trousers, he quickly shook Zhu Wen off.

Chen Heng, smash him to death! Smash him! To think that he dares to insult me! What terrible world?! When this fellow discovered that he had a mind-reading ability and was in Under One Person’s world, he was delighted. How infuriating! (╬◣д◢) He transmigrated to another person’s home out of nowhere and called it terrible?! How could there be such a person?

Just leave it. Calm down, calm down. There’s no need to stoop to his level.

What else could Chen Heng do when running into this situation? He could only try to coax the world consciousness.

“Alright. Stop talking. If you keep talking, I might not be able to save you. I’m sending you home now. Any objections?” Chen Heng glanced at Zhu Wen as he stopped Zhu Wen from speaking. If Zhu Wen kept talking, he might not survive.

“No objections. None at all!” Zhu Wen quickly shook his head. Thanks to Chen Heng’s strength and threat—ah, no, Chen Heng’s reasoning skills and sincere actions—he felt returning to his world would be safer.

“Ah! That’s right. Your mind-reading ability will be taken back, but the martial arts you learned here will not. After understanding that, go in.” Chen Heng tapped on the button to return, and an oval black hole appeared before them, similar to when he came over. However, the black hole was black when Chen Heng came here. This black hole was purple, so it should be called a purple hole.

“Got it, Big Brother. I’m going now.” Although Zhu Wen felt reluctant to lose his mind-reading ability, he had learned some martial arts in this world, at least, so he had not wasted his trip here. After all, as useful as the mind-reading ability was, it was not as important as his life.

Chen Heng watched as the transmigrator jumped into the purple black hole, which then closed slowly.

“Alright. The mission is completed.” Compared t

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