Book 01 Chapter 033: Angel Feathers
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 033: Angel Feathers

Chen Heng glanced at the clock in the Dimension Administrators Association’s interface. “When I left, it was only nine o’clock. Indeed, only one minute has passed.” The time in the Dimension Administrators Association’s interface changed in accordance with the world. It was very convenient and thoughtful.

With such an interface, why would one need a watch? A watch could adjust for time zones, but could it adjust for a different world?

It was currently 9:01. Chen Heng did not know what to do now. He had classes the next day, but it seemed too early to sleep.

Hence, he decided to hang out in the group chat.

He Who Knows Fate: I just returned from completing a mission. That transmigrator was truly trashy. No wonder he was only worth 500 points.

Umaru-chan: What an excellent usage of “only.” I have not even earned 400 points yet.

He Who Knows Fate: About this… How about I lend you 300 points first? Then, after you awaken your ability, you can complete missions and repay me when you earn some points. This way, you can awaken an ability one month earlier. Right now, I have 10,000-odd points and no urgent need for them. The others who have not awakened abilities yet can also borrow from me. Don’t be too embarrassed to do so.

Currently, Chen Heng had more than 10,000 points, but he could not afford what he wanted, so he might as well sell a favor to someone. After all, it was just lending and not giving.

Umaru-chan: Really? Thank you! I do want to get an ability. After all, world mergers are frequently happening now. Who knows when something strange will happen in the world?

Magus of Flowers: Had you not mentioned it, I would have forgotten that our group has people who have not awakened an ability. After all, the Ability Second Awakening only requires 100 points. Now, I feel very curious. The Ability First Awakening should be cheaper than the Ability Second Awakening. Why does the Ability First Awakening cost 400 points in the association’s store when the Ability Second Awakening requires only 1

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