Book 01 Chapter 034: Stir-Fried Pufferfish
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 034: Stir-Fried Pufferfish

Blank Never Loses: What nonsense! This is a rare item that ordinary people would never see in their lifetime. My younger sister and I can have one each. I even heard that one could live a long life in health by carrying an angel feather with them. It can even treat all sorts of illnesses.

Faillen Angel Gabriel: This is too materialistic. Besides, an angel feather does not have that strong an effect on an ordinary person. However, there are some effects, as an angel feather is exposed to holy light most of the time, so it does give the carrier some immunity to minor illnesses and injuries. Actually, Boss, if you want angel feathers, you just have to ask me.

Blank Never Loses: Would winning one and asking for one be the same? Cut the crap! Let’s start! 1v1 solo!

Faillen Angel Gabriel: Alright! However, Boss, remember to turn on your facecam.

Blank Never Loses: Sure.

He Who Knows Fate: Truthfully speaking, I am quite interested in the outcome of this match.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Me too.

Magus of Flowers: Is Gabriel really that lousy—to the point where she can lose to someone using only their feet? No matter what, she is an angel. She should have speed and reaction.

Umaru-chan: No speed or reaction can save Gabriel’s god-awful gaming knowledge and technique.

Ten minutes later:

Faillen Angel Gabriel: I actually lost?! Boss is too strong!

Blank Never Loses: I do acknowledge that I’m strong. Most experts would not be my match even if I played with my feet. However, this does not cover the fact that you are genuinely lousy.

He Who Knows Fate: He really won. I always thought that playing games with the feet was just a joke.

Faillen Angel Gabriel: …

He Who Knows Fate: Never mind. You all continue chatting. I’m going to sleep. I have classes tomorrow.

Before sleeping, Chen Heng went to Sirin’s room. Indeed, she was still awake.

After telling Sirin to sleep earlier, he returned to his room.


The next day, Chen Heng woke up at six in the morning as usual. Then, he prac

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