Book 01 Chapter 035: Silin’s Action
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 035: Silin’s Action

“Sirin! Come over and watch me cook this time. I’ll explain what exactly a pufferfish is to you.”

“Alright!” Although Sirin did not understand why her elder brother wanted her to watch him prepare the fugu feast, she went over anyway since her elder brother told her to. Furthermore, she was somewhat interested in cooking.

Chen Heng entered the kitchen with Sirin. He immediately saw a plastic basin with a few lively pufferfish swimming in it, unaware of their impending fate.

Chen Heng possessed mid-tier cooking, so he knew that fresh ingredients would have a better flavor. However, having the skills of a high-level chef did not mean he had the same mentality about fresh ingredients as high-level chefs did. To Chen Heng, the food tasting good was sufficient; he could accept it if the ingredients did not have too many flaws.

However, pufferfish was different. Pufferfish preparation required live fish. Not only was the poison in dead pufferfish difficult to deal with, as the poison was concentrated in the eyes, blood, ovaries, liver, and other organs, but the quality of the meat would also be affected. While the flesh had no poison, its flavor would change.

Raven did well in this aspect. At least, she knew to buy live pufferfish.

“Sirin, the most important thing in making a fugu feast is that the pufferfish needs to be alive. It is difficult to deal with the poison of dead pufferfish. Furthermore, dead pufferfish would not taste fresh.” Chen Heng explained some information about pufferfish to Sirin as he prepared it.

“Uh-huh!” Although she did not know why her elder brother was explaining this, she still listened in interest.

“Sirin, the most interesting thing about pufferfish is that it can inflate. When it runs into danger, it will inflate its body to make itself larger, putting on a pretense of power. It looks very adorable like this, but the pufferfish’s poison is extremely potent.”

“I see. What else?”

“Since I explained the pufferfish’s special characteristics of inflating, let me impart some principles

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