Book 01 Chapter 036: Discussing How to Train…Educate Sirin
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 036: Discussing How to Train…Educate Sirin

In Honkai Impact 2nd, Schicksal’s people had indeed done some inhumane things, referring to Babylon Labs conducting human experiments. Sirin did have reasons to take revenge on Babylon Labs. Chen Heng would not bother with this. It was just like how he wanted revenge for his parents. If someone tried to shield that culprit, he would not stop his revenge, even if Mo Qingtong stood between them. The reasoning was the same, so he would not dissuade Sirin from taking revenge on Schicksal.

However, Chen Heng would not use the moon to finish off everyone in one go (setting aside whether it was practical or not, as there were many powerhouses, after all). He felt that revenge was alright, but it should not implicate the innocent. Sirin’s revenge on Schicksal had been indiscriminate. She simply tossed meteors at Earth. That was just overboard.

I need to train her properly.

Chen Heng thought about how to train—no, how to educate Sirin—as he cooked. Without realizing it, he had already finished cooking. Cold-dressed pufferfish skin, fugu sashimi, barbequed pufferfish, pufferfish tempura, claypot pufferfish slice rice, and the most important: stir, fried, puffer, fish. There should also have been pufferfish head hotpot, but there were only two of them, and most people would not have the equipment, so he did not make that.

After cooking these dishes, not to mention Sirin, even Chen Heng wanted to sample them first. This fugu feast was very fragrant.

Chen Heng used his ability to levitate the dishes to the dining table. When Sirin heard Chen Heng coming out, she took the initiative to come over and sit at the dining table without him saying anything.

“Sirin, try the pufferfish. Why do you think that many people eat pufferfish despite being extremely poisonous if not prepared right? As a fish, it has one advantage over other fish; it lacks any fishy taste. Its flesh is translucent, delectable, tasty, has a unique texture, and is chewier than most fish. Do eat more. Especially this stir-fried pufferfish.” Chen Heng picked up a piece of stir-fried pufferfish and placed it in Sirin’s bowl.

“Thank you, Elder Brother.” Although she felt that something was off, especially when Chen Heng explained the pufferfish’s inflation and called it Silin’s Action, the pufferfish did smell great. The aroma had already wafted into the living room while he was cooking.

“Hmmm! It’s delicious! Elder Brother, you should try it too!” As Sirin spoke, she picked out a piece of pufferfish and placed it in Chen Heng’s bowl.

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