Book 01 Chapter 037: I—Sirin—Started Immortal Cultivation
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 037: I—Sirin—Started Immortal Cultivation

“Hehe! I even deliberately ate less before I came to mooch off your fugu feast!” Mo Qingtong did not feel embarrassed at all.

“Alright, alright. I’ll get you a pair of chopsticks. Elder Sister Raven, come try as well?” Chen Heng brought out two pairs of chopsticks from the kitchen. He handed one to Mo Qingtong and proffered the other to Raven.

“There’s no need.”

“Nom! Nom! It is quite tasty. Little Heng, tell me, how come you can cook so well after learning for just a few days, and my mother’s cooking still tastes so strange despite having learned for so many years?”

“This… To tell the truth, Aunty’s knife skills and fire control are very good. It’s just her usage of seasoning that cannot be praised. You know she is the culinary equivalent of tone-deaf. Furthermore, Uncle Mo and you dare not say anything. That’s right. Remember to do the dishes after you are done eating.”

Sirin did not feel anything when seeing that elder sister called Mo Qingtong eat the fugu feast her elder brother made for her. As she sat on the sofa, she even felt like laughing. In the end, you are just eating Elder Brother and my leftovers. How pathetic!

Chen Heng found that aside from himself, Sirin had no interest in speaking to others. He wanted to help her change this introverted nature and did not know where to start.

Send Sirin to school? That was doable but pointless. It was almost the end of the school year. After sending her to school for ten days, he would have to take the college entrance exams. After that, he would bring Sirin to various places to sightsee and relax. How could there be time to send her to middle school?

Furthermore, Sirin was currently 14 years old, about the age for second year in middle school. Children of that age often formed cliques and excluded those not from their cliques. If she transferred in at this moment, she would likely be excluded. What would happen if she got bullied and that formed a psychological trauma? Chen Heng would probably send down a few meteors.

[TL Note: China follows an education system

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