Book 01 Chapter 038: Association’s Recruitment Standards
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 038: Association’s Recruitment Standards

“Here, these are the immortal cultivation techniques that I picked out. See which one you prefer.” Chen Heng laid out a few immortal cultivation techniques before Sirin after she sat on a cushion across from him.

“This one, then.” Sirin picked out a book with a purple cover from the five books. When she picked it up and flipped through it, she found it blank.

“Brother, is this Void Arts one of those wordless scriptures?” Sirin showed the blank pages to Chen Heng.

“No. That is indeed a blank book. This is the true Void Arts.” Chen Heng took out a jade strip from his spatial storage. How could an immortal cultivation technique be recorded in a book? No one would really think that a book could contain it, right?

“Place this jade strip on your forehead, and you will learn it.” Chen Heng handed the jade strip to Sirin.

As Chen Heng watched Sirin cultivate, he nodded in satisfaction. Rather than leaving these cultivation techniques in storage, he might as well give them to Sirin. That way, she would have the means to protect herself. However, cultivation required time. One month would not make her powerful. At best, she could only build her foundations. Furthermore, this would be with him providing her with cultivation resources.

Indeed, cultivation required a lot of time. Of course, there were those with exceptional talent. For example, Chen Heng’s father had become a Body Merger Realm powerhouse at a young age. Had Chen Heng had the ancestral crystal, he would also have broken through exceptionally quickly. He had been practicing the Chen Clan Sword Technique since he was young. After so many years, he had already reached the peak of the Chen Clan Sword Technique as a martial artist. Furthermore, he had rich experience surpassing his level.

“Elder Brother, I’m done learning it.” Sirin handed the jade strip back to Chen Heng.

“Sirin, these are Energy Refining Pills. They will improve your cultivation speed in the Energy Refinement Realm. Remember to place one in your mouth every time you cultivate. Don’t ever sw

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