Book 01 Chapter 039: Alaya’s Mission Request
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 039: Alaya’s Mission Request

Faillen Angel Gabriel: It’s still alright, Boss. I do have a First Trumpet of the Apocalypse. I can use it to destroy the enemy when I am in danger.

He Who Knows Fate: The First Trumpet of the Apocalypse? That is the trumpet that can sound the end of days, right? Isn’t using that a means of going down with the enemy? At the same time, you will implicate the entire world.

I Have a Strong Presence: I suddenly feel that being in the same world as Gabriel will be even more dangerous. You won’t know when she would blow the First Trumpet of the Apocalypse. Then, you would die together. No, that’s not right. Gabriel is an angel; only you will die.

Blank Never Loses: Just based on Gabriel’s shut-in personality, she might blow the First Trumpet of the Apocalypse if someone accidentally tripped over the Internet cable and yanked it out.

Faillen Angel Gabriel: …

Blank Never Loses: Hey! Hey! Hey! Why are you silent? Shouldn’t you be refuting it? Quickly refute it. Don’t tell me you would really blow the First Trumpet of the Apocalypse because the Internet wire got yanked out?

Faillen Angel Gabriel: …How-how can that be? Boss, you must be joking. How could there be someone who would blow the First Trumpet of the Apocalypse for such a juvenile reason?

He Who Knows Fate: …

Iron Fist Teacher: Perhaps we should change the topic.

Ding! A world consciousness is issuing you a mission. Would you like to accept it?

Reinforcement Gudako (World Mission: Alaya): For various reasons, Sigurd, the dragonslayer, cannot be summoned. Please help Gudako clear the 1st Singularity and prevent the storyline from being ruined.

Intel: Alaya: Gaia, that little bitch, to think she schemed against me! Screw that bitch! Do you hear that? Screw that bitch! Cough! Cough! So…when I said for various reasons, it is actually Gaia’s doing. There is no Sigurd now, so no one can defeat Fafnir. That’s why I need external reinforcement. So far, you have the highest ratings. Although you have completed only two missions, you got five-star ratings on both, so it shall be you. Furthermore, isn’t your Absolute Precognition damaged? If you help me, I will help you repair…it by half. It is not that I don’t want to repair it for you fully; it’s just that the situation does not permit me to. One world having two world consciousnesses is quite problematic. As for the other intel, I feel that you should play the game. You already know what game it is: FGO.

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