Chapter 92: Hello, Mr. Lin
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 92: Hello, Mr. Lin

Having gotten young Mu’en settled in, Lin Jie went back downstairs and firstly went to check if there were still any obvious traces at the scene where he found Mu’en.

Fortunately, the flowing floodwater that hadn't completely cleared up had washed away all the remaining bloodstains.

Lin Jie was still cautious and went to examine the surroundings. On the whole, it seemed like there wasn't anything noteworthy left behind.

This child had actually fled efficiently and Lin Jie didn't see any signs of people looking for her.

Perhaps due to the remote nature and the low number of residents on this street, Lin Jie didn't notice any others paying attention to the incident.

After the buzz from that gas explosion incident had died down and most people's curiosity had been satisfied, this place had returned back to its lonely and quiet state that didn't really attract many visitors.

Lin Jie returned and removed the bloodstained towel hanging on the recliner chair. At the same time, he dialed the only number that was saved on his communications device.

The number didn't even have a contact name, but it had been given by the first customer Lin Jie served back when he just arrived in Norzin and opened his bookstore.

It was also the same customer who helped turn his unlicensed store into one with the proper operating rights and provided a great deal of help.

And all of it had been to repay Lin Jie for recommending a book and providing her with counsel at that time.

Back then, Lin Jie reckoned he was just randomly doling out his usual chicken soup and providing some verbal solace. However, from how the customer acted after that, it seemed as if that conversation had been a life-changing affair for her.

Moreover, that had indeed been the period in which Lin Jie really required help.

Thus, when that customer treated him like a benefactor and showed her gratitude, Lin Jie chose to accept it.

Truth be told, if not for that, Lin Jie might not be recommending books and giving psychological guidance together as frequently as he did now. But, to him, being able to express two of his interests was something that made him happy.

When given the number, Lin Jie had been told that this number was on standby 24 hours a day, rain or shine. As long as Lin Jie required help, he just needed to call this number at any time and he would definitely get a reply no matter what.

And once replied, she would do her all to help Lin Jie resolve his problem.

However, in the past three years, Lin Jie had never called this number for once.

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