Chapter 91: Body Temperature of Humans
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 91: Body Temperature of Humans

Just tidy and make records... Rather easy tasks?

The young girl involuntarily shuddered as she glanced at the bookshelves all around.

She was able to sense such a thick, frightening aura from merely lying in the chair. It was unfathomable to imagine what these books, shelves, and even the entire bookstore were.

She didn't even dare shut her eyes now because from what she had seen, that bone-chilling sensation would be even greater the moment she closed her eyes.

At that time, the scene in the darkness would no longer be this quaint and rundown bookstore.

She instinctively didn't want to interact closely with these things every day. Just the thought made her blood run cold.

However, if she didn't agree...     

Continuing to face the Truth Union's pursuit would be the best-case scenario. Perhaps she might be fortunate enough to escape from their grasp, but the days that followed would still be filled with uncertainty.

Besides what she eavesdropped back in the laboratory, her knowledge of the outside world was basically zero.

But if she were unable to free herself from this pursuit, then perhaps... her actual life might only persist for an extra few days before coming to an end.

And when thinking more negatively, the girl might not even get to walk out of the bookstore if she chose to decline.

As a homunculus that had just escaped her life inside culture fluid and hadn't yet experienced any complicated situation like this, the young girl's mind was at a loss.

When weighing her considerations, weren't the degree of danger from both sides roughly the same?

So much so that it seemed like staying would be the best choice.

Granted a new identity, provided with shelter. However the price was...

"I won't force you either if you aren't willing, nor will I interfere if you have your own plans.” There's no need to be so uptight.

Lin Jie noticed the girl's nervousness and hesitance. Thus, he stood up and said with a smile, "There's no need to think over it too much for the time being. That can wait till your injuries get better.

"I will still take you in till your injuries are completely healed. After that, the choice to stay or leave will be entirely yours."

He helped the girl up and placed her hands on his shoulders, indicating for her to get on his back.

“Just that a new identity and perhaps the troubles that follow after have to be dealt with by yourself. After all, I am just an ordinary bookstore owner and not a charity worker.”

Helping as long as it was in his means or providing counsel to customers were long-term investments to foster a closer relationship and bring about trust.

Even if they had no intention of buying books, just casual chatting would make them think about it.

In other words, all these were actually a form of equal value exchange.

However, this young girl he had picked up wasn’t the same. She wasn’t a stable customer source and perhaps could bring about unforeseen troubles.

Even though Lin Jie was a kindhearted person, he couldn’t just help a stranger unconditionally.

The young girl hesitated for a bit, then placed her two hands on Lin Jie’s shoulders and climbed up his back somewhat shakily.

Lin Jie held on to the girl’s slender legs, taking care to avoid her wounds as he headed for the stairs.

“I don’t have any surplus rooms here. You can take my bed for the time being while I sleep on the recliner chair. I’ll go buy a new bed tomorrow.”

The young girl stared unblinkingly at the back of the man’s head. The temperature of the man’s body pressed against her own skin was an entirely new experience altogether.

Close, hot... I can hear his heart beating.

Upon entering the bedroom, Lin Jie suddenly sensed the girl’s body tensing up slightly as her hands clutched his shoulders a little tighter.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Jie turned his head and noticed the girl's gaze was on the dreamcatcher above the bed frame. Thus, with a smile, he said, "Pretty, right? That's a gift from an old customer, a local specialty that lets one have sweet dreams. It's called a dreamcatcher and it's rather effective."

Sweet dreams?

Does he mean the web emanating an aura similar to that of an Abyss Predator?

Back when she was still No. 277, she had seen a piece of spider web with a similar aura in the laboratory, and it had been stored with layers of tight security installations.

Reportedly, it originated from the Abyss Predator, a dream beast capable of weaving small dream realms and possessing the power to drag beings into terrifying and delusional dreams before killing them off slowly.

Over here, it seemed to have been made into some sort of sorcery tool.

What kind of being... was this 'old customer' exactly?!

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But... Regardless, how could such a strange object let people have sweet dreams? How was its effectiveness determined?!

As such thoughts went through the girl's mind, the sword lying atop the desk caught her attention.

At this time, Lin Jie explained, "And that sword is also a souvenir from a customer. It's a symbol of a family clan's glory and it’s really precious."

Compared to the dreamcatcher, the aura of this sword was much more proper and imposingly glorious. It was just its splendor was like a magnificent white flame that was equally as dangerous.

This sword seemed to have been casually left on the table, as if the master of the bedroom was a knight proficient in the art of killing.

Even when sleeping, his weapon would always be close, ready to be drawn at any time to behead all enemies that dare enter.

It appeared like he was setting her in his own bedroom, but it was actually a clear warning...

Lin Jie sensed the girl seemingly get tenser after his explanation and reckoned that she was probably intimidated by the new environment.

He placed her on the bed, then took out some of his spare clothes from the cabinet and handed it over.

"Relax, nobody will harm you here. Just shout for me if you are afraid."

The young girl took the clothes as she thought to herself that there weren't any 'humans' here indeed...

She raised her head and asked abruptly. "Is... Is the body temperature of humans all this hot?"

She would just treat this man as a human for the time being.

"Hot?" Lin Jie chuckled and felt her forehead. "You are just cold from losing too much blood. Remember to cover yourself with the blanket at night."

"The stuff here is only what I use. Try to make do with it for the time being," said Lin Jie as he pulled the blanket over from the side.

The girl lay down after having changed into new clothes and obediently covered herself with the blanket.

Her pair of dark eyes stared at Lin Jie, just like a newborn chick imprinting the first figure it saw into its brain.

Lin Jie kept away the sword to prevent scaring the kid. Suddenly remembering something, he turned and asked, "Since you no longer have a name, how about giving yourself a new one?"

The girl nodded.

"Any name in mind? If not, I'll help you think of one."

Lin Jie gazed out at the sky through the window. As the dark clouds covering Norzin for a month had dispersed, a bright moon could be seen.

"Mu’en (Moon), how does that sound? From today on, you will be called Mu’en."

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