Chapter 90: Bookstore Assistant
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 90: Bookstore Assistant

Lin Jie shut the door and couldn't help smiling when he turned around and saw the young girl lying in the half-inclined recliner chair.

This kid's eyes were unblinking as she stared at the ceiling, and her dazed expression reminded Lin Jie of a dove: adorable and slightly birdbrained.

Lin Jie hadn't really laid down in this recliner chair ever since he brought it up from the basement, yet the two that had taken a rest in it coincidentally seemed like patients.

In addition to the low transactions in his bookstore business, Lin Jie felt like he was doubling up as a doctor as well.

An IV drip stand at the side would really complete the whole picture.

But even though he had lots of knowledge on both Eastern and Western medicine, as well as a wealth of practical experience, his standard was still far from an actual doctor.

Part of all this knowledge and experience came from occasionally reading up medical journals in his free time, and the other portion came from experiences during his research trips to remote villages and primitive tribes.

Conducting research in these kinds of remote areas, especially those ancient villages that never saw any visitors, was an extremely dangerous task.

In places like this, far separated from the outside world, the geographical environment could be extremely complicated. Sometimes, there wouldn’t be maps or even a proper hospital, and the place would entirely lack safety measures.

When Lin Jie was slightly younger, he had accompanied his teacher's team to many places for research. Although he was only helping to make records back then, he still gained a lot of firsthand experience by just tagging along.

At times, the team needed to scale mountains or cross treacherous ravines to reach the destinations. In places like this, a single misstep could lead to broken bones, serious injury, or even death. And not to mention the wild beasts that could appear along the wayside.

Lin Jie's most terrifying memory was when their group was hit by a thick fog while trekking up a mountain. The fog that e

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