Chapter 89: Let Her Experience the Warmth of the World
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 89: Let Her Experience the Warmth of the World


Lin Jie kicked open the door to his bookstore. He placed the young girl on the recliner chair and pulled out his communications device at the same time, thinking to himself that he had probably come across something troubling.

However, if he were to do nothing, once the flooding from the rain had subsided, the environment could easily lead to a more severe infection.

Lin Jie observed this young girl in a bloodstained white coat. Her long wet hair was plastered all over her face, but the blood on her cheeks was still obvious.

From head to toe, her snow-white skin that even seemed translucent was covered with wounds that were dripping blood.

The wounds covering the entire body seemed to have a certain directionality and along with the burnt flesh made Lin Jie guess that this young girl was likely a victim of a blast.

At least, according to Lin Jie's vast knowledge, the bruising throughout the body of this young girl was a clear sign of injury from experiencing a blast wave.

She should probably have been a distance away from the center of the explosion...

Lin Jie frowned. Blast injuries usually caused heavy internal damage and moderate external damage. An intense blast wave could cause internal organs to rupture, and the possibility of internal hemorrhaging and bone fractures was high.

However, the wounds on this young lady's body were minor, and internal bleeding wouldn't have resulted in such a large quantity of blood loss.

Furthermore, the bloodstains on her white coat were in huge splatters and didn't seem to coincide with the injuries on her body. It meant that this blood probably wasn't hers.

Lin Jie had no way of determining what exactly happened too.

Therefore, his first reaction was to use his communications device to call the hospital. However...

Beep... beep...

He was met with a busy tone.

Lin Jie sighed. It does make sense with such a massive fire over there. Seems like at least a dozen streets are affected, and the emergency teams probably aren't able to handle the large number of casualties.

At the

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Translator Notes

So Lin Jie is well-versed in manga too... As expected of a cultured boss

Novel Notes

Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing
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