Chapter 88: Clay Idol No. 277
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 88: Clay Idol No. 277

No. 277 didn't have a name.

'Clay Idol S277' was her number and it was imprinted on her nape along with a digital barcode.

The 277th specimen born from Clay Idol Homunculus Project, second batch. This was the significance behind this number.

Since the start of this plan by the Truth Union's Mechanical Department, there were a total of three experimental batches and 3050 serial numbers.

There were 50 in the first batch with a prefix F, 1000 in the second with prefix S, 2000 in the third batch with prefix T.

No. 277 was one of the many failed products.

However, No. 277 didn't feel dejected because out of these 3050 experiments, all of them were actually failures.

Occasionally, through the transparent glass capsule, she would hear researchers in white coats grumbling as they walked past.

"This experiment is getting increasingly intensive and we have to collect data from dawn to dusk. The top also doesn't seem intent on allocating more funds either, and the experiment isn't seeing much progress.

“Sighhh... and we are only able to stay inside the lab because of confidentiality regulations. I'm bored to death."

The colleague at the side asked, "Not much progress? I sorted out the aetheric affinity data. Isn't it already at 200%?"

The researcher rapped his knuckles on the glass vessel as he glanced at the blurry silhouette within the culture fluid. "Mm, this one is currently the best specimen with a highest aetheric affinity of 200% predicted. However, the philosopher's stone's concentration within her flesh and blood is excessive, leading to her having an approximate lifespan of only a year."

"A year.... What will happen after a year?"


The first researcher made the gesture of an explosion with his hands. Chuckling, he explained, "Gradually, the power of a philosopher's stone cannot be replaced and the aetheric affinity diminished. Eventually, these specimens won't be able to control the flow of aether and expand like a balloon... That is why this batch has to be quickly destroyed if the next experimental batch produces results.

"In a few days, the first batch of experimental specimens will be destroyed."

Thus, No. 277 knew that she only had a year remaining to live.

Glass and culture fluid provided two layers of separation which made everything beyond, such as people passing by or the flickering of lights, seem distorted.

Day after day passed.

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