Chapter 87: Original Formula
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 87: Original Formula

When the godly battle above concluded, the fleeing Ji Zhixiu had led her remaining people into the developed drainage systems beneath.

Staying in the vicinity of such a high-level battle was tantamount to throwing away her life. Although she wouldn't necessarily be swatted away like a fly, there was no need for Ji Zhixiu to take such a risk.

Thus, she had sneaked away early on.

White Wolf was wiped out, and her revenge was complete.

The Supreme-rank dream beast that Heris called the 'god of rain' would naturally be left for Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union to handle.

Most of the time, even a Supreme-rank wouldn't be able to cause much trouble, so Ji Zhixiu didn't need to worry.

And if even Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union couldn't handle it, Ji Zhixiu wouldn't even have the chance to worry.

But for her, there was still something more important—Taking over everything that White Wolf had left behind.

No matter how powerful a new hunter group was, they wouldn't be able to gain the recognition of other organizations nor would they have any way to quickly establish themselves. She needed the help of White Wolf's legacy.

White Wolf was able to stand strong and grow for so many years wasn't just because of their strong members. Beyond that, they still possessed information, secrets, and connections...

Of course, there was the most important thing—The formulation of sordid blood from the Sky Wolf.

The basis for any hunter group's establishment was a sordid blood formula belonging to that organization.

Dream beast blood possesses a strong 'toxicity'. Without the aid of an appropriate formula, this blood would be like poison.

There were two means to obtain such formulas.

The first way was countless blind self-experiments by hunters from ancient times to obtain an original formula, which then was passed down through the ages.

This sort of formula didn't overly weaken the blood in the body and could raise one's power by a huge amount. However, because it was relatively crude, the side effects were greater and the pro

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