Chapter 93: Chapman Witch
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 93: Chapman Witch

Bella kept the communications device in the pocket of her maid attire and adjusted her outfit.

She stood up, eyed the large number of files on the desk before turning around and leaving the room.

Thud thud thud.

The sound of her leather high-boots on the corridor was crisp and rhythmic.

Not a single strand of her dark gray hair held by a lace headpiece was out of place. Her well-pressed black dress was fronted with a white half-apron and frills by the sides.

Her profound features and high cheekbones amplified her somewhat stern expression, making her give off the image of a diligent, reliable, and somewhat unapproachable head maid.

In actuality, her status had far exceeded that of a mere maid. Having served three whole generations of the Chapman Family, she had already become an inseparable part of the family's 'assets'.

This time-honored family clan that believed in nature was one of the most ancient Druid families and also a major shareholder of the Ash Chamber of Commerce.

Cherry Chapman, her present master, was the forerunner to succeed the family clan amongst the current generation. On top of that, she was one of the three branch heads of the Ash Chamber of Commerce.

Nobody knew how she went from being a mixed-race bastard to a powerful authoritative figure with countless fans in the span of three short years.

Some people spread rumors that she possessed the power to captivate and control the souls of others through words and hence, called her the 'Chapman Witch'.

However, as Cherry's most trusted assistant and maid who had personally brought her back to the Chapman family and witnessed her growth, Bella naturally knew of the secret behind it all.

In fact, she had just been on a call with that 'secret'.

Knock knock.

Bella knocked on her master's door, then clasped her hands before her lower abdomen and waited respectfully.

A somewhat weary yet youthful voice sounded from beyond the door. "Bella? Come in... What's the matter?"


Bella opened the door gently and passed through the thin, formless aetheric b

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