Chapter 94: Children's Edition
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 94: Children's Edition

Lin Jie didn't know that his neighbor was on the verge of a mental breakdown and had even sought out a specialist to help with an 'exorcism'.

But even if he knew, Lin Jie would just probably dismiss it with a laugh and perhaps advise the other party to not waste unnecessary money, while at the same time using warm words and a reliable image to dispel any misunderstandings the neighbor might have.

At present, Lin Jie was using the small electric saw to cut through some wood he had brought up from the basement to make himself a bed.

He called it a bed, but it was actually just a couple of wooden planks nailed together to form a wooden frame, simple and crude.

Luckily, Lin Jie had taken some technical courses back in the day and his craftsmanship wasn't all that weak. The basement didn't lack tools either, otherwise, Lin Jie wouldn't even have been able to make a bed like this.

Just like this, Lin Jie squandered away a whole three hours and it was now bright enough to see the entire street outside.

Even though the weather was still slightly gloomy, the depressing rain that had gone on for an entire month had finally stopped.

Cutting out the wooden boards was just the beginning. Assembling the bed was similarly a test of physical ability.

"Huu... It's finally done." Lin Jie muttered while stretching his arms as he gazed at the finished product in satisfaction.

"It's surprisingly more tiring than I imagined."

Lin Jie wanted to rub his chin out of habit, but then realized his hands were completely covered with fine sawdust. Thus, he clapped the dust off his hands instead and sighed, seeing the mess on the floor. "Haa... I still have to tidy it up myself..."

"Do you need help?"

Lin Jie turned towards the girl's voice and saw Mu’en peeking out from the stairwell.

"Hmm? Can you do so ...Mu’en?"

Although taking in this assistant was to help share Lin Jie's workload, this new assistant had just been rescued some hours ago and might still be weak. Lin Jie was worried that he might have to end up cleaning more than just sawdust.

Mu’en nodded and spent a moment in thought before she raised an arm to show a 'flexed biceps' pose.

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The sight of her slender arm and the bandages wrapped around it made her seem rather miserable.

Combined together with her 'everything is fine' expression was strangely funny.

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