Chapter 95: He Has Really Thought Through This Carefully
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 95: He Has Really Thought Through This Carefully

"I didn't scorn..."

Mu'en was momentarily at a loss. She didn't know what these two books that made her instinctively back away were, but were these really... usable books that she could learn from?

But in actuality, compared to the entire bookshelves that gave her chills, these two books in front of her seemed much more normal.

Or rather, they seemed rather alluring and brought about a desire to flip them open.

But such a sensation made Mu'en wary.

It meant that just by being there, these two books had the power to influence a person's state of mind.

Thus, she had taken half a step back.

However, the man's words, 'These are all fundamental knowledge and there's still a lot more to learn in the future,' was a huge shock to whatever feeble knowledge Mu'en had gained in her life at the lab.

Lin Jie's expression was serious as he had said that, and it even seemed as if he let out the aura of a university professor giving a lecture.

The sort of formidable and repressive lecturer that would go, "Students, who would like to answer this simple question? If no one raises their hands, I will randomly pick from the name list."

Could this really be... fundamental knowledge?

Mu'en hesitated for a bit, then placed the register book down before carefully accepting the two books from the encouraging and smiling Teacher Lin.

When she took the books, Mu'en sensed a slight shudder from within her own soul.

Lin Jie patted her head with a satisfied smile. "That's more like it. Don't resist learning. Though painful, it is actually very useful. Learning is a never-ending yet readily available ladder of progress; don't view it with an opinionated attitude. A house can't just have a roof alone. It requires solid foundations and layer after layer of bricks to form a complete and sturdy house.

"Deep inside you, such a house would be the most firm of fortresses when you face any difficulties that may come your way."

Lin Jie continued on, "These are all things you would never lose that will become your greatest backing. Beyond mere worldly po

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