Chapter 96: Central District’s Supreme Police Unit
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 96: Central District’s Supreme Police Unit

On the third day after Lin Jie revived his teaching career by guiding Student Mu'en, he finally discovered it wasn't because he taught well, but rather, this student was just exceptionally intelligent.

To what extent was her intelligence?

In these three days, Lin Jie watched as she went from knowing nothing to having a good grasp of frequently-used English and Chinese words. She hadn't just stopped at gaining knowledge from the encyclopedia and had even taken Lin Jie's various notes that he had made on Azir people and environment when he first arrived to use as study material.

Lin Jie also didn't know how she was able to gain so much knowledge when he had merely provided her with just one encyclopedia.

...Perhaps she's really a genius.

Besides that, the rate at which Mu'en picked up skills was rapid. She could be described as a literal 'sponge' when it came to the speed at which she absorbed knowledge.

On the second night after taking her in, she helped straighten out Lin Jie's newly assembled bed and changed it from a primitive-looking bed into a normal-looking bed frame.

The clothes Lin Jie prepared for her were also remodeled into blouses and other apparel fitting herself using a needle and thread.

She had also cleaned up the bookstore once. Even though the store itself was rundown and had a permanently gloomy outlook, it now looked much neater than before.

However... When Mu'en came across the bookstore's rose, she hesitated for a moment, then stared at it for quite some time before mentioning that she didn't know how to take care of plants.

This made Lin Jie heave a sigh of relief in secret.

Finally there's something that this child doesn't know....

At this time, he considered himself somewhat proficient at being a 'guardian' already.

Lin Jie walked over and rotated the flower to display its front, modestly flaunting this elegant and beautiful red rose.

Mu'en had a slightly blank expression on her face. But after glancing at Lin Jie, then the flower, she eventually nodded and said it was pretty.

Mm, that proba

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