Chapter 97: The Boss of That Store is an Evil Spirit!
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 97: The Boss of That Store is an Evil Spirit!

The name of the young man that had entered the bookstore was Sander Lyon, a third-class police officer of the Supreme Police Unit.

Even though there wasn't any real distinction between the Upper and Central District police units, the Supreme Police Unit directly governed by the Central District was naturally of a higher grade than the periphery police units.

The Supreme Police Unit represented the will of the Central District's big shots. Those that could get posted there were either very capable or had some connections.

Thus, this led to police officers of the Supreme Police Unit having an air of natural haughtiness when they were dispatched out.

Even though it wasn't to the extent of arrogance, at the very least, they never felt like they were servicing the people of the Upper District.

The ones they served were the authority wielders and nobles of the Central District.

And only their orders would be obeyed.

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Therefore, it was natural that these police officers didn't have much patience when dealing with the poor or ordinary citizens of the Upper District.

This was especially so for Lyon, who was from a noble family clan that wasn't on the decline and had their own property and business.

Moreover, those with his sort of family background would have access to some inside information— This incident wasn't something that the police unit could pursue or resolve.

Their mission was just to represent the Central District's 'strong and efficient' attitude and placate these residents of the Upper District.

In other words, just a mere formality.

Twelve hours ago, Lyon and his colleagues were still idly chatting about their plans to visit a club tonight.But in the blink of an eye, they ended up being dispatched to get tied up in this wet and dirty Upper District.

This sort of task was strenuous, unrewarding, and a huge waste of time.

Lyon just wanted to complete this pointless task and rush home for a hot shower to wash away all the dirt and mud on his body...

Lyon was even starting to feel like it was getting hard to breathe. Being wrapped by this clammy and dusty air was just like that popular food item in the Northern Highlands... Right, just like a sticky rice dumpling!

Heh, this goddamn assignment. I won't ever need to come back to this street and waste my time running around like a sheepdog once I get promoted to a first-class officer.

"Speaking of which, isn't this the street where the gas explosion occurred?"

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