Chapter 59: Brand New Venture
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 59: Brand New Venture

A different path forward?

Ackerman gazed at the bookstore owner's profound expression and was momentarily stunned. What... what did this mean?

Lin Jiefolded his arms as he explained. "Are you still willing to let them make use of you like this since you already know they merely view you as a tool? Perhaps you aren't provided with many benefits, yet they request a great deal from you without according you with the equivalent respect."

A complicated expression appeared on Ackerman's face as he listened to these enticing words—He wasn't willing of course.

The Truth Union's attitude towards hunters disappointed him.

However, he had always known the low status of hunters in the eyes of other extraordinary beings; because the power of hunters was borrowed, and they were often unstable and lacking rationality.

In their final throes of madness, some powerful hunters would assimilate with the sordid blood within the bloodstream and become new dream beasts that brought about great destruction.

Thus, to the Truth Union and Secret Rite Tower, each hunter was but an opportunistic gamble that could turn into an enemy at any moment.

It was only natural that they weren't viewed too kindly.

When it came to advancing in the Truth Union's evaluation, hunters had to go through a few additional steps. For example, a rationality assessment.

Ackerman knew that he couldn't blame the Truth Union for such discriminatory treatment because this was just the way hunters were, he himself included.

The sordid blood Ackerman used came from 'Pale One' and the amount he injected had long passed the tolerable threshold.

After arousing the power within his bloodstream, Ackerman would become just like a white skeletal giant with tentacles and bone sticking out of his back as well as a huge cavity in the middle of his chest. When that happened, he was basically no different from the actual 'Pale One'.

Ackerman was basically one of those so-called veteran hunters. His wits were on the verge of crumbling all the time and his willpower had become extremely frail.

He could only continuously apply the powerful depressant drugs sold by the Truth Union to maintain his own sanity.

However, he was still proud to be a hunter.

They didn't have the mental fortitude of knights, the passed-down teachings of magicians, nor the intellect of scholars. Hunters were merely ordinary beings with flesh bodies that could draw out savage beasts through their blood and soul to use as their weapon.

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