Chapter 58: Unraveling People
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 58: Unraveling People

Lin Jie smiled when he saw the customer express admiration for his rose. "Thank you for your appreciation. I'm sure it would also be delightful."

Everything had a soul. Respecting plants and flowers was a form of romanticism in life.

Moreover, the young elf lady had specially said that it also had thoughts. Even if he was just playing along to that young lady's girlish heart, he still had to act like a mysterious seller.

—So that should a day come when the young elf lady returned and saw how her gift and kind intentions were valued, she would feel appreciated... And perhaps he would have one more to his customer base?

See, the path of earning money had to be built over a period of time.

‘The smallest of details can determine success and failure’ was a very true saying.

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Moreover, Lin Jie had personally cared for this rose. Over the last week, he had watered it day by day and that had built up some sentiments.

"..." Upon hearing what was said, Ackerman felt a chill inside his body when he recalled the scene he had just witnessed.

Not only does this bookstore owner like toying with people's hearts, he even seems so intimate with this 'flower'... It's as if he treats that monster as his own child.

Even black magician Morphey who violated many taboos had at most only adored the resurrected dream beast as a wonderful creation, yet she wouldn't go as far as to treat this sort of disgusting monster as a human!

What exactly is this bookstore owner?

Ackerman's eyelids twitched as he suddenly came to a reasonable guess.

Perhaps, the bookstore owner isn't human too?

What if he and the 'rose' were of the same species, just that he has on a layer of 'human' skin? Doesn't that make a lot of sense?

Why had Ackerman not been able to sense any aetheric aura? Why did this bookstore owner have such a vile and twisted character? Why was he unreasonably powerful... It was because the one standing before Ackerman was simply some sort of a higher life form.

But, did the Truth Union not know?

The damned Truth Union had used him as a cannon fodder!

Wilde had the capability of using this place as a hub but Ackerman felt like he was sent here as an offering!


Ackerman laughed sheepishly, thinking to himself that the bookstore owner had been pleased by the praise for his 'flower'. Thus, he said the opposite of what he really felt. "I was just speaking the truth."

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