Chapter 57: Malicious Intentions
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 57: Malicious Intentions

What am I to look at! How can I look around? I can't even move!

Ackerman's pupils were trembling, a sign of his internal struggle.

He saw the bookstore owner's warm, amicable smile and seemed to sense deep-rooted ridicule and malice.

The bookstore owner was viewing him as if he was a helpless marionette caught in a trap. The more the owner watched, the more enthusiastic he got.

This fellow has definitely seen through my disguise a long time ago!

Ackerman had reckoned that the bookstore owner was oblivious when he had smartly pretended to be an ordinary customer and said he was "just looking around".

This bookstore owner had snidely replied with "Go ahead and look around."

This meant that he wanted to see the fear and helplessness in this trespasser's eyes. The meaning couldn't be anymore implicit—This had been an unadorned threat!

Didn't you wish to just look around? Go ahead and look. I shan't stop you. You can't move?

Sorry, this is merely my pet unintentionally acting up.

Ackerman had never experienced such humiliation before.

He could easily be killed, yet this bookstore owner had an ulterior motive!

But unfortunately for Ackerman, it was helpless no matter how much he struggled to even move a muscle.

The veins on his temple were bulging and his eyes were entirely bloodshot. It could be said that he was using every ounce of strength in his entire body.

He swore that if it were under normal circumstances, the current strength he was using was enough to pound the bookstore's entire neighborhood to dust in a single punch.

However, on the outside, the current scene appeared like him frozen in place, staring at that rose without moving the slightest.

He was being constricted by a formless power and simply had no way of budging.

Even more terrifying was that Ackerman felt himself 'wasting away'.

Whatever he had within his soul was currently being ravenously 'devoured' by the rose's eyeball.

To put it in an analogy, Ackerman felt as if he was a jelly dessert, firm in its plastic case at first. But now, the cover had b

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