Chapter 56: Go Ahead and Look Around
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 56: Go Ahead and Look Around

"Is this it?"

Ackerman raised his head in the rain, looking at the bookstore ahead.

Raindrops splattered down on the hood over his head and flowed down his raincoat turning into puddles on the ground.

The scene was exactly what was described in the Truth Union's report—an ordinary bookstore that looked slightly rundown and didn't even have a signboard.

If not from being able to see rows and rows of books through the beautiful windows, Ackerman wouldn't have thought this to be a bookstore.

This isn't very business-minded... Or does this bookstore owner not consider selling books at all?

As if he's specially maintaining the cheerlessness of the store. With these thoughts in mind, Ackerman became even more skeptical. He closed his eyes, capturing the minute bits of aether in the rain and relied on his extraordinary sense of smell to analyze.

Traces of Wilde's aetheric aura did exist within this bookstore and it was even clearer here than other places he had been rumored to have been.

Although it had already been concealed very well, it still couldn't get past Ackerman's nose.

There was a sense of danger. Not too strong, as if it was a certain amalgamation of creature and soul. Using it to guard the door was indeed quite a good choice.

However, using it to ward off an extraordinary being at Ackerman's level was simply impossible.

The Truth Union's report stated that Wilde had been to this bookstore twice and stayed for over an hour each time. However, from what he currently saw, Ackerman felt that this bookstore probably wasn't an important stronghold but rather a hidden relay station, possibly for information, or perhaps for remarkable goods.

Many people had come here bringing some items, and also leaving with some items.

Various messy aetheric vestiges in the air painted a complicated picture.

Amongst them, the traces formed by Wilde's aura was even more obvious and frequent than most others.

Although these traces were sparse, it seemed like he was a frequent customer of this bookstore.

Ackerman opened his eyes.

If t

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