Chapter 60: Chessboard of a Great Being
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 60: Chessboard of a Great Being

Even though Lin Jie was just lending some guidance to supplement this customer's own opinion, he felt that the notion to venture out was a good idea.

Since this customer was being trampled on in the company to the point he considered himself a disposable tool, it meant that the psychological damage he suffered was severe. Therefore, taking on a different path and getting out was a better choice.

However, a career switch for a middle-aged person was something rather difficult and couldn't just be achieved with purely determination, but with money and means as well.

Most importantly, this customer needed to have no worries for the future.

However, from how quickly he had made his decision and said he knew that it was "very risky", that meant that the customer probably had some confidence.

To ensure that this new customer didn't leave as quickly as he came, Lin Jie felt that it was best to have some insurance.

Fortunately, young Miss Ji should be able to help a bit. At the very least, it could ensure that this customer before Lin Jie wouldn't be unemployed.

Ji Zhixiu's father controlled Rolle Resource Development, an enormous corporation that basically monopolized all resources and minerals in the lower city district, as well as being involved in nearly all aspects of Norzin.

The corporation's influence in Norzin was unbelievable.

This was a corporation that was omnipresent in every industry. Whether it was clothing, food, housing, transport, or any other trade, there would be the influence of this corporation as long as one was willing to do a little digging. At the very least, there hadn't been anything like this back on Earth.

Even though Lin Jie was an outsider who had only been in this world for three years, he had deeply experienced the influence of Rolle Resource Development.

Lin Jie would see the Rolle Resource Development's logo of a flight of descending stairs on at least half the stores whenever he went out to get food or groceries.

Even the CD and CD players sold in the audio store next door were manufactured by a company under the Rolle flag.

Perhaps, even the contents of these CDs were produced by artists in entertainment companies that Rolle Resource Development held a controlling stake in.

Lin Jie had once looked up Rolle Resource Development's history out of curiosity and discovered that the company had been established a very long time ago and that it had actually been an army that administered the Lower District prior to its establishment.

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Zero-Cost Entrepreneurship - Written by a Chinese Professor of a Beijing University

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Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing
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