Chapter 52: In Front of My Master's Door
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 52: In Front of My Master's Door

George Byron, 24. A young scholar of the Truth Union, adept in alchemy and having a high level of mastery in magical assessment and aetheric traces.

As a recognized level two Truth Union alchemist, he could create tools that could defend against or even kill Destructive-rank entities.

Even though he had great investigative abilities, most of the time, he was usually employed as logistical staff responsible for providing combat personnel with appropriate equipment.

But due to the recent spate of events where combat was prevalent, the Truth Union was overwhelmed.

The Truth Union didn't lack logistical support, but lacked investigation personnel that were useful on the battlefield. Moreover, thelarge majority of their staff were civilians and simply had no wish to engage in battles.

Thus, Byron had been urgently dispatched to oversee the on-site investigations in the aftermath of this incident.

It was described as an incident, but this was entirely an act of terrorism.

"These black magicians are really a bunch of lunatics to actually invoke a Destructive-rank spell here! And there wasn't any response from the Aetheric Surveillance Network..." muttered Byron with wide eyes atop the rubble.

With a frown, he gazed at the surrounding ruins by the heavy rain.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

The horrible circumstances weren't just limited to destruction, death, and injuries. What was even more alarming was the failure of the Truth Union's monitoring and forecast systems.

This meant that either the black magicians had a way to bypass the Aetheric Surveillance Network, or there were moles in the Truth Union.

Byron jotted down his conjecture in his notebook.

The deceased are Scarlet Cult leader 'Precant' Morphey and several other black magicians. Offensive means used by both parties are as follows...

All of the attacks were clearly targeted at the bookstore on 23rd Avenue. However, Scarlet Sect had previously always been in conflict with Secret Rite Tower as well as hunters. Why did they suddenly come here... Who exactly is in the bookstore?

Byron wandered over the rubble and casted his gaze at that bookstore.

The boundary they had established covered the surroundings and was currently altering the memories of all the people within the area. Only the bookstore wasn't affected.

Compared to the surrounding ruins, the middle of the street seemed to have become a huge chasm, separating two sides.

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