Chapter 51: Seller's Disposition
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 51: Seller's Disposition

Doris couldn't stop herself from staring obsessively at this queer yet strangely beautiful symbol.

It seemed to possess some sort of magic that was hallowed and bizarre.

Using her high degree of insight from being a prophet as well as her abundant knowledge, Doris discerned the affiliated significance of this symbol.

'Seal', 'Oppose', 'Dream Realm', 'Refuge', 'Retreat'...

This symbol apparently targeted... dream realm organisms.

Lin Jie flashed an especially warm smile at the thought of his new service. "This book can help you all better understand what I'll need to do. Things would get a lot easier if you all are able to remember it and I wouldn't have to spend too much effort."

He would prepare some relevant material for them first. This would save a lot of trouble in the future as Lin Jie wouldn't have to explain and guide them over every single step.

Although Teacher Lin was friendly and warm-hearted, he couldn't waste his time on meaningless matters. After all, time was money.

It just so happened that he had produced such a relevant book in the past.

Compared to proper academic books about emblems, Lin Jie's Emblems & Totems was simpler yet heterogeneous because it touched on totemism, clans, and even the occult.

However, it was also suitable for professionals in this field as well as novices. So much so that this was the best selling book amongst all of Lin Jie's works.

Doris seemed to jolt awake when she heard what was said and placed the book on the counter. After which she took several deep breaths, grasped the book, and nodded. "I understand. I will definitely study your work meticulously."

She had a calm face on but her heart was anything but calm.

Doris was aware that she had just nearly entered a 'Predictive' state.

This was irrational for a prophet and even went against common sense.

Prophets had two foresight styles. 'Predictive' and 'Perceptive' were the two extremes of the spectrum.

'Perceptive' was a short-term burst of insight that results in a rapid forecast of the next few hours or even a few seconds and it got more difficult the shorter the time frame.

On the other hand, 'Predictive' was a forecast of a longer period in the future. Under most circumstances, a prophet would need to start preparing for a long time and the prediction would get more difficult the longer the time gap.

In any case, all types of foresight were very difficult.

The small number of prophets wasn't without reason. It was because the innate skill requirements were just too high.

Without innate skill and just relying purely on hard work was basically impossible unless one was a being with longevity like elves. Someone without innate skill can spend an entire lifespan learning yet wouldn't even be able to foresee his death at the time he dies.

Previously, to get clues of Lady Silver, Doris had spent tens of hours before finally gaining such a simple and vague prophecy.

Although a partial reason was that the subject involved was such a high-level entity, there was no doubting how difficult it was for a prophet to forecast the future.

But now, Doris had nearly entered her 'Predictive' state in just a short time and without any preparation.

Doris was rather certain that it was because of this book laid out before her...

It was able to trigger Doris' insight and that meant its level of mysticism far surpassed Doris herself. As a result, Doris was able to have a short-term gain in insight just by looking straight at it.

The power contained within this small symbol was already very frightening. Who could know what sort of vast and mysterious pictures the contents within the book could paint?

Doris couldn't help sneaking a glance at the shelf packed full of books that stood behind Lin Jie.

She hadn't paid it any heed at first, but now that the bookstore owner had casually pulled out a book from there, Doris now viewed them as mysterious and powerful books.

All the books in this bookstore really weren't as simple as they looked.

Lin Jie cleared his throat and the dazed Doris regained her senses and looked over.

With a serious expression, Lin Jie began, "As this is a matter that involves your entire clan, I would advise all of you to read up and learn the contents so that I wouldn't have to expend too much effort when 'saving all of you from danger'. You must know that recently, I have many people to help and might not have too much spare time."

He would be the last hope at saving the dignity and honor of a declining noble clan.

Therefore, saying that he was saving them from danger was no exaggeration.

Moreover... Adding a slight sense of crisis would allow the customer before him to understand how pressing the matter was.

It isn't pressing for just you, I feel the same too. This is your last chance!

This was akin to the 'change of season clearance sales', 'limited price slashes', and 'last pair in stock' frequently seen in retail stores.

Any seller should at least learn how to make up a story.

He too didn't know why so many people sought him out for help even though he clearly had very few customers.

Doris indeed got anxious but she did her best not to reveal any panic and immediately answered calmly, "Since there is a marked price, there should be many copies of this book, right? I can purchase them for my clan members to study. Please don't worry. We will definitely memorize it as quickly as possible.”

As for why this book was published in a batch and even had a marked price was something she didn't need to put into consideration.

A great being would have a great being's preferences...

From the start, what she needed to do was satisfy this bookstore owner to the best of her abilities.

Support us at Hosted Novel.

Then, strive to gain recognition from Lady Silver.

Lin Jie gave a mental thumbs-up to this savvy guest, then took a cardboard box from beneath the counter and started filling it with copies of Emblems & Totems, four or five at a time.

The arrangement on the bookshelf appeared entirely according to Lin Jie's thoughts. This was also in favor with the bookstore's dim lighting.

So, even if the other party found anything strange, she would most likely assume that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Doris' pupils contracted as she witnessed everything but didn't say a thing. Inwardly, she told herself that the bookstore must be a sorcery tool with a related space-time function.

"There are only 30 copies currently. I'll just pack them all up for you."


Lin Jie placed the cardboard box on the countertop.

No matter how dim the lighting was, even a fool would realize something amiss if a hundred books were taken down from the shelves.

This was why Lin Jie had only taken out 30 copies and employed a hunger marketing strategy.

Doris nodded her head respectfully. "Thank you for your guidance towards our clan. If our glory can be restored, the Iris Clan is willing to serve you faithfully.”


At this moment, several hundred meters away from the bookstore where the remnants of the recent battle had been...

Currently, Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union personnel were going through the kilometer-wide radius of destruction, searching for clues and bodies.

Some personnel were also dispatched to carry out follow-up measures to houses in the vicinity whose inhabitants weren't involved but had witnessed this battle.

Wiping their memory, for example.

"Section Chief, Mr. Andrew of the Truth Union says that they are currently carrying out a magic assessment and asks you to not wander around by yourself to prevent damaging the remaining aetheric vestiges..."

Joseph waved his hands in annoyance. "Assessment my *ss!"

He pointed to a pile of rubble by the side and said, "This is the result of the Truth Union's Aetheric Surveillance Network, allowing a Destructive-rank black magician to do as she pleases. What a big joke!"

Naturally, the Truth Union personnel heard his unbridled ridicule, but the temperament of this former Radiant Knight was well-known and thus, they could only hold in their anger.

"Umm..." The intelligence branch underling wiped beads of sweat off his forehead before continuing, "The target of those black magicians was that bookstore. Should we go and investigate it?"

Joseph turned his head around at once and muttered in a low voice, "Do not go!"

"But, the Truth Union seems to..."

"Make them come back!"

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