Chapter 51: Seller's Disposition
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 51: Seller's Disposition

Doris couldn't stop herself from staring obsessively at this queer yet strangely beautiful symbol.

It seemed to possess some sort of magic that was hallowed and bizarre.

Using her high degree of insight from being a prophet as well as her abundant knowledge, Doris discerned the affiliated significance of this symbol.

'Seal', 'Oppose', 'Dream Realm', 'Refuge', 'Retreat'...

This symbol apparently targeted... dream realm organisms.

Lin Jie flashed an especially warm smile at the thought of his new service. "This book can help you all better understand what I'll need to do. Things would get a lot easier if you all are able to remember it and I wouldn't have to spend too much effort."

He would prepare some relevant material for them first. This would save a lot of trouble in the future as Lin Jie wouldn't have to explain and guide them over every single step.

Although Teacher Lin was friendly and warm-hearted, he couldn't waste his time on meaningless matters. After all, time was money.

It just so happened that he had produced such a relevant book in the past.

Compared to proper academic books about emblems, Lin Jie's Emblems & Totems was simpler yet heterogeneous because it touched on totemism, clans, and even the occult.

However, it was also suitable for professionals in this field as well as novices. So much so that this was the best selling book amongst all of Lin Jie's works.

Doris seemed to jolt awake when she heard what was said and placed the book on the counter. After which she took several deep breaths, grasped the book, and nodded. "I understand. I will definitely study your work meticulously."

She had a calm face on but her heart was anything but calm.

Doris was aware that she had just nearly entered a 'Predictive' state.

This was irrational for a prophet and even went against common sense.

Prophets had two foresight styles. 'Predictive' and 'Perceptive' were the two extremes of the spectrum.

'Perceptive' was a short-term burst of insight that results in a rapid forecast of the next few hours or even a few s

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