Chapter 50: Elder Sign
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 50: Elder Sign

Lin Jie relaxed a little when he noticed that besides looking slightly pale and tired, Doris seemed to be alright.

Shaking his head, he said, "Nope. The heavy rain completely drowned out all your voices."

Doris' heart skipped a beat.

Her Silence Boundary had isolated external sounds and her Forest Refuge Boundary had practically blocked all damage.

The surrounding hundred-meter radius around the bookstore was completely unscathed.

It was clearly because of the boundaries... Wait a minute.

Doris felt as though there was some implicit meaning behind these words.

Does rain... mean something else?

Although Doris didn't comprehend it yet, she could understand that Norzin was currently caught in a troubled situation based on the words of that young hunter.

This bunch of maniacal black magicians validated that point.

Whether it was hunters, magicians, Secret Rite Tower, or the Truth Union, a massive vortex had formed and those involved were caught up inside.

Even a fight between two Destructive-ranks was merely a splash within this vortex.

In a flash, their voices had been completely drowned out till nothing was left.

Was this the scope of an actual high-level being?

Doris walked over and sat down. She no longer dared to guess what role this bookstore owner had played in this 'rain'.

Even if he wasn't the key player, this bookstore owner had certainly played an influential role in having a Destructive-rank black magician come knocking without a care in the world.

Just that Doris didn't know whether this influence was positive or negative...

For now, Doris kept her guard up and put on a slight smile. "Uh, I'm glad you weren't disturbed. They will never bother you anymore."

Lin Jie also couldn't help casually mentioning about the current weather in Norzin. "The current situation in Norzin has been bad, but I'm seeing much more customers recently. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not rejoicing about this weather getting worse and worse.

"Although I've seen more customers recently, I actually also liked those days where I had fewe

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