Chapter 49: Were You Disturbed?
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 49: Were You Disturbed?

"Her target is the teleportation gate!"

"Quick! Get out!"

Those black magicians whose bodies were only partially through the teleportation gate shouted out in panic.

Doris proclaimed loudly, "My arrow will sever all escape paths of enemies!"

The golden arrow was like a comet hurtling towards the ground as its velocity reached the limits. Just like how the Polarizing Death Ray had cut a swath through the sky, the current situation was now a complete reversal.

The teleportation gate formed from the aether was just like a light-blue membrane, joining together two different spaces on both its ends.

The teleportation gate conjured by the combined strength of more than ten black magicians was sufficient to support their retreat. At the same time, this gate was both stable and wide, two characteristics that were the pride of Scarlet Cult's black magicians.

However, at this moment, no matter how sturdy the teleportation gate was, it was no match against a Destructive-rank attack.

This wide pathway had become an actual death trap.

A portion of black magicians with fast reactions managed to successfully leave the light-blue teleportation gate, but there were those who slightly lagged behind.

This bit was the difference between life and death.


The arrow struck the edge of the teleportation gate and the membrane-like blue light was torn apart. Following that, the space-time within the portal became unstable and started to fold.

Just like paper going through a shredding machine, those caught inside were ripped apart as even their innards were all squeezed out.

The teleportation gate had become an aetheric meat grinder.

Eventually, the portal vanished as bits and pieces of flesh continued to rain down.

The remaining handful of black magicians stared in shock as their fellow comrades were ripped apart noiselessly.

This too, would have been their outcome if they had been any slower.

Morphey's face had also turned ugly.

Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union personnel that were mobilized would reach soon.

However, losin

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