Chapter 48: Prophet
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At this moment, the scenario outside was totally different from Lin Jie's imagination.

But if one were to think about it from a different aspect, there were actually some semblances.

In the distance, several kilometers away from the bookstore, a massive white curse array was revolving in midair. At its center, a ball of pure white light warped and distorted rapidly as a terrifying energy accumulated.

Forks of lightning flickered through the dark clouds as the rising vapor formed a vacuum.

Buildings in the surroundings had already been leveled by the overflow of aether. A ring of debris formed a 'low wall' around the core that was continuously enlarging.

A woman in nun's robes floated in midair, hands clasped in prayer. Her expression was cold and only her lips moved as she chanted the curse.

Similarly, the Coffin of Eternal Rest was suspended in midair and its embedded gemstone glowed an eerie blood red.

The origin concept of the Coffin of Eternal Rest was 'Resurrection'. But at the same time, before 'Resurrection', there needed to be experiences of 'Death' and 'Pain' first. Thus, this sorcery tool was able to become a tool for such relevant incantations.

The chanting gradually calmed and the spell array eventually stabilized. Morphey opened her eyes and smiled in satisfaction.

'Scarlet Cult' black magicians at the side waiting on her saw that she had stopped reciting.

One of them immediately stepped forward. "Madam Morphey, Secret Rite Tower personnel have already been alarmed and are rushing over. We are currently intercepting them but we will probably only be able to stop them for about ten minutes due to our lack of manpower."

Morphey sneered as she glanced at the already completed spell array. With a casual wave of her hand, she remarked, "Polarizing Death Ray has already been completed. There's no need for any further interception. Prepare to deliver the spell array."

She was well-versed with the might of Polarizing Death Ray. Even Wilde at his peak would suffer serious injuries if he were struck by it at such a close distance.

There was no way the other party would escape unscathed unless he was a Supreme-rank. However, of all the known Supreme-rank entities, none of them could be in Norzin.

What Morphey wanted to do was to give a thorough warning to this person—Stop interfering.

Although this Polarizing Death Ray had more or less drained around 80% of the aetheric energy that Morphey was able to utilize, she believed that the effect would be worth it.

A simple warning in the first place didn't require such an excessive operation.

But the episode back at their headquarters where Morphey was caught off guard by Wilde's counter-spell in front of her subordinates had left her fuming and wanting to teach this fella a lesson he would never forget.

The impression outsiders had of black magicians was indeed correct.

Black magicians were all a bunch of loonies, time bombs that only retained just the tiniest bit of rationality.

Thus, she at least remembered to move away after completing her spell preparations.

The black magician at her side nodded. "Yes."

Then, he exchanged glances with the other black magicians and they combined their strength to activate the teleportation array.

A light blue teleportation gate started to open slowly in the sky.

At the same time, the black magicians saw the distorting white core of 'Polarizing Death Ray' in the distance finally reached the limits and became a spot of pure blackness.

Aether concentrated to its extremes was shot out and formed a pure white beam of power, akin to a bladepiercing through the dark clouds.


As if a knife cutting through hot butter, the beam sliced through the thick fog pervading the atmosphere, creating a vacuum.

Just by watching, Scarlet Cult black magicians felt shock, awe, and fear.

This was the true might of a high-level black magician.

Worthy of being Destructive-rank!

Madam Morphey is really too powerful!

Many of these subordinates felt lucky at being able to witness a Destructive-rank black magician take action.

Most of the black magicians had already entered the teleportation array and their eyes were excitedly trained at their target.

The bookstore.

In the blink of an eye, the 'Polarizing Death Ray' was just several hundred meters away from the bookstore.

The mass of terrifying aetheric energy was barreling down on the doors of the bookstore.

Just a little more and they would witness the place being razed to the ground.


Crisp jingles of the hanging doorbell sounded as the bookstore's door was opened.

Hmm? Finally about to fight back?

The attention of all the black magician's including Morphey's was attracted over.

Prior to this, there hadn't only been a simple aether barrier but also no other activity which made them assume that the bookstore owner had given up completely.

The door was opened, then closed back very quickly, as if afraid that the people inside would be disturbed.

The one stepping out wasn't the bookstore owner depicted in their investigation resources, but rather, an elf in an elegant white gown.

Beautiful, graceful, sharp ears, and perfect features.

In total correspondence with the image people had of elves.

An elf?

Morphey was stunned. Her eyes narrowed as her mind struggled to think.

Why is it an elf? Why is it an elf?!

Doris reached out and did a grasping motion as a wooden branch-like scepter sprouted from the palm of her hands. Atop the scepter was a snow-white iris flower.

Iris flower?

Morphey recalled the iris flower that had blossomed on the flesh before withering which had taken away Uri’s and Johann's lives.

She suddenly had a foreboding sense of dread.

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The elf stepped forward and faced the piercing ray of light.


Doris stuck the wooden scepter deep into the muddied ground and cracks appeared all around its incision. "Forest Refuge Boundary!" muttered Doris.


Countless roots emerged from the ground, extending into giant sturdy branches in the direction of Polarizing Death Ray and collided with it.

Loud crackling could be heard as the mass of trees was destroyed by the blazing beam of aether bit by bit.

However, more trees were growing continuously, forming a massive half-circle boundary that consumed the beam at the same time.

The two forces were evenly matched!

'Prophet' Doris was a Destructive-rank sage of the Iris Clan.

In the instant of impact, a massive explosion erupted. Everything besides the epicenter was instantly obliterated. Buildings fell like dominoes and a large crater formed in the ground as the huge amount of aether was rapidly consumed.

Doris' face paled but her grip on her clan's scepter got tighter as it wore on.

She pulled up the scepter bit by bit, yet the boundary formed by trees kept getting quicker. The spell array where the Polarizing Death Ray had been conjured gradually disappeared like an oil painting being wiped clean. Eventually, it became unable to support the spell and the ray gradually became weaker.

Doris then plucked out the scepter from the ground and held it with both hands. The wooden scepter then transformed into a bow.

Her eyes had now turned completely golden. Like an expert hunter, she drew the bowstring, accumulating aether into an arrow which she then let fly.

In an instant, it had traversed a distance of several kilometers and arrived at the area where Morphey and the others were.


"Not good, get out!"

"Her target is the teleportation gate!"

Several black magicians shouted but the arrow had already arrived.

Morphey's face fell.

The tables had been turned.

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