Chapter 47: Please Be Safe
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 47: Please Be Safe

"It looks like I have new customers again."

Lin Jie observed the blinding white light shining through the windows and raised an eyebrow.

Are these... headlights?

Butwould anyone specifically drive all the way over here? The risk of driving outside in this weather was much more dangerous than walking.

There was simply nowhere to seek help should one get into an accident and the rescue teams would find it difficult in getting over.

Moreover, these lights were clearly aimed against the inside of the bookstore without any inclination of changing directions.

The road in front of the bookstore was horizontal and under most circumstances, nobody would just remain idle in the car before the pedestrian crossing.

Unless it was an idiot.

Moreover, given the heavy flow of water outside, even idiots would know that objects being swept away by flowing water could collide against the car and cause damages.

And even if that person were taking a U-turn, the vehicle's direction should have already changed by now.

But if the person driving wasn't an idiot, shining the head beams this way was really rude.

This arrival didn't seem to have friendly intentions.

Although Lin Jie had always been kindhearted and willing to help others, he always remembered the phrase by the Chinese poet Lu Xun—"Don't be afraid to judge others with the worst-case scenario in mind."

He frowned as a thought popped into his mind.

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Had his unlicensed shop status been finally exposed?

Three years ago, Lin Jie had gotten official identification papers in Norzin with the help of the young lady Cherry, and had successfully opened for business with the aid of a local commerce association.

But at the end of it all, his store was still an unlicensed shop.

As long as there was an issue with the origin, no amount of covering up could prevent the truth from being eventually revealed.

Moreover, given the circumstances, Lin Jie had ample reasons to imagine that the outside scenario was like this—

A patrol car with the Norzin official emblem parked in the distance with its head beams on full power, shining its white headlights into the bookstore as a sign of deterrence and obstructing the vision within.

A handful of armed police officers silently braving through the rain with their sights firmly on the bookstore.

A higher-ranked in-charge holding a loud hailer, ready to shout out a "Personnel inside, you have violated Norzin laws of illegal entry and counterfeit identity. Surrender at once."

—This was usually how police in movies panned out.

Of course, the reason for these guesses was actually because Lin Jie vaguely felt a hint of danger.

This likely scenario was his impression of danger.

But at the same time, he didn't feel too affected by this sense of danger... Could it be Blackie's doing?

With these thoughts, Lin Jie got up from his seat and wanted to take a better look.

But just as he stood up, Doris muttered, "Please wait. I will get rid of them at once. We will continue our chat when I return."


Lin Jie blinked several times and realized that his new customer's expression was even more solemn than his own.

This sort of austere solemness was as if she wanted to kill someone.

But because this young miss was gentle and good-looking, despite the cold, biting stare, her face didn't distort in rage unlike most people.

... Even in this world, people were judged by how they look.

But why would she suddenly get angry?

It isn't as if somebody suddenly cut her queue...

Wait a minute.

As a customer who had just requested for help, she had suddenly been interrupted by this newcomer just as Lin Jie was about to agree.

It's sort of similar to having her queue cut, huh?

And given the young lady's change in attitude when speaking, the ones outside were probably up to no good.

Lin Jie was seated at the counter as his sights were obstructed. However, the young lady was standing beyond the counter and could see the situation much clearer.

In this sense, Lin Jie's guess was more or less spot on.

Doris had a slight sneer on her face as she turned to look outside before she continued slowly, "How impudent to actually dare make a move here."

Indeed, whoever it was had come for Lin Jie.

Lin Jie had always been good at reading body language.

Although this young elf lady was angry, her overall poise was still rather unflustered and she still maintained her manners when speaking with him.

Therefore, Lin Jie could well imagine that the rude bunch shining their head beams this way wouldn't pose much of a problem for this young miss.

Moreover, she was a friend of Ji Zhixiu and was from a 'clan'. A rich person is always better off than ordinary people and such a person would have some sort of power.

This wasn't any form of blind self-confidence.

However, the one before Lin Jie was still a delicate young lady and he couldn't help worrying. "Are you sure there's no problem? How about letting me handle it myself?"

Given Lin Jie's eloquence, stalling wouldn't be an issue.

He could then contact the old customer to resolve the issue later on.

On top of that, Lin Jie had actually been wanting to find out under what sort of circumstances would Blackie show up.

Since this hidden hand could transport Lin Jie from a whole different plane, it definitely had unimaginable power. However, it was always elusive and Lin Jie didn't have any way to make contact even if he wanted to.

Doris' expression became even more decisive when she heard what he said. She lifted the hems of her dress slightly and flashed a graceful and demure smile. "It's merely an unruly bunch and only their leader is slightly troublesome. Although I might reveal my identity as a result, it wouldn't be a problem since you have already agreed.

"Please don't worry. Whether it is today or in the future, this bunch will not have the opportunity to do harm to you. I will let you acknowledge me.

"It is my honor to help resolve your problems."

Upon hearing what Doris said, Lin Jie felt that if he were to reject her, it would practically be the same as if he was looking down on this waning clan that already needed external help to restore their significance.

It was seemingly a clan that still retained some of its pride and tremendous power despite them being on the decline.

Haa... I can't let this young miss think that I'm looking down on her.

After some slight pondering, Lin Jie answered, "If that's the case, please be safe."

"I understand. Please wait for a moment," said Doris with a dazzling smile. She then left the counter and headed towards the door with a staunch look in her eyes.

She knew that this was a test and prerequisites.

The bookstore owner had mentioned "Not a problem" earlier. This meant that as a blessed one, he could seek Lady Silver's advice and let the glory of the Iris Flower emerge once again.

Following that, he had mentioned "It looks like I have new customers again". However, those outside were undoubtedly enemies.

Therefore, from the turn of events, it was clear that the bookstore owner's request was for her to get rid of these people as a show of her resolve towards restoring the honor of the Iris Clan.

Doris completely understood the bookstore owner's wish.

She took a deep breath and set her sights on the source of white light in the distance.

The glaring white lights weren't just outside the bookstore. Its actual source was in fact several kilometers away.

However, that terrifying amount of aetheric energy brought about such an unimaginable amount of heat that it became something that could be seen with the naked eye.

It couldn't be sensed from within the peaceful bookstore, but the rain and floodwater outside had already entirely evaporated. A thick mist had already formed within a one-kilometer radius as thunder and lightning flashed while the howling wind raged.

Droplets of water condensed on the windows of the bookstore and were vibrating along with the subtle trembling of the ground.

The Destructive-rank "Flame Enchantment - Polarizing Death Ray" was just extraordinary.

Once released, this whole area would be completely obliterated. Black magicians were indeed a bunch of lunatics and thugs.

Even Doris felt that this was a rather thorny situation.

However, the completely unfazed bookstore owner made her truly realize the gulf in their levels. He was much more powerful than what she could imagine...

She absolutely had to pass this test!

Doris' blueish-jade eyes glowed in golden light and the iridescence became the shape of an iris flower.

She reached for the door handle and lightly pushed the door open.

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