Chapter 47: Please Be Safe
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 47: Please Be Safe

"It looks like I have new customers again."

Lin Jie observed the blinding white light shining through the windows and raised an eyebrow.

Are these... headlights?

Butwould anyone specifically drive all the way over here? The risk of driving outside in this weather was much more dangerous than walking.

There was simply nowhere to seek help should one get into an accident and the rescue teams would find it difficult in getting over.

Moreover, these lights were clearly aimed against the inside of the bookstore without any inclination of changing directions.

The road in front of the bookstore was horizontal and under most circumstances, nobody would just remain idle in the car before the pedestrian crossing.

Unless it was an idiot.

Moreover, given the heavy flow of water outside, even idiots would know that objects being swept away by flowing water could collide against the car and cause damages.

And even if that person were taking a U-turn, the vehicle's direction should have already changed by now.

But if the person driving wasn't an idiot, shining the head beams this way was really rude.

This arrival didn't seem to have friendly intentions.

Although Lin Jie had always been kindhearted and willing to help others, he always remembered the phrase by the Chinese poet Lu Xun—"Don't be afraid to judge others with the worst-case scenario in mind."

He frowned as a thought popped into his mind.

Had his unlicensed shop status been finally exposed?

Three years ago, Lin Jie had gotten official identification papers in Norzin with the help of the young lady Cherry, and had successfully opened for business with the aid of a local commerce association.

But at the end of it all, his store was still an unlicensed shop.

As long as there was an issue with the origin, no amount of covering up could prevent the truth from being eventually revealed.

Moreover, given the circumstances, Lin Jie had ample reasons to imagine that the outside scenario was like this—

A patrol car with the Norzin official emblem parked in the distance with its he

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