Chapter 46: Lin Jie's Old Profession
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 46: Lin Jie's Old Profession

Lady Silver's aura!

Every elf of the Iris Clan definitely couldn't be mistaken when they sensed their own body shuddering.

On the second floor of this mediocre bookstore, approximately at where the bedroom was, there seemed to be what was the aura of this Primordial Witch's dream realm.

This meant that the dream realm of the ice-wielding witch,Silver, had descended here and was watching over someone.

And it was clear that the only one possibly being watched over was this young bookstore owner standing before Doris!

Could he be "the one blessed by the stars" from the prophecy?

Tumultuous thoughts were causing a ruckus in her mind.

She had only sought out the bookstore because she was skeptical about the hunter's words and was merely trying her luck. However, upon stepping in, it seemed as if the entire outcome had already been decided.

Coincidence was just the inevitability decreed by fate.

Could this be the destiny that Lady Silver has set up?

Doris seemed to understand this great being's will and guidance.

She had guided Doris to the blessed one before her and it meant that Lady Silver had the intention to reform a covenant with the Iris Clan.

However, Doris understood that Lady Silver hadn't yet made the final decision.

Otherwise, she could have just made her dream realm materialize at where the Iris Clan was and not go through such great troubles.

This indicated that Lady Silver's intention was still to wait and see.

Now, as an 'anointed' and the representative of the entire Iris Clan, it was possible that Doris was being observed and judged.

If she could smoothly reform a new covenant and bring the glad tidings back, the declining Iris Clan could rise up once again.

On the contrary, if she failed to do so, she could become the sinner that leads to the clan's demise.

She needed to proceed carefully.

Doris calmed herself mentally and tried not to reveal any sign of weakness.

She maintained her gentle smile and put on her most friendly display. "It's like this... I heard of the existence of this bookstore from Ji

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