Chapter 53: Hunting Wilde
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 53: Hunting Wilde

Byron stared at the approaching elf and muttered, "Lord?"

He was utterly shocked.

From his knowledge of history, those capable of having elves worship them were probably only those four Primordial Witches.

But it couldn't be that a Primordial Witch had descended from the dream realm and was in the bookstore just across the street.

"The blessed emissary of my lord has the right to represent my lord's will."

Doris turned towards Byron and flashed a beaming smile. "Seems like the Truth Union is getting less sensible by the day. Was it my master's kindness that let you all have such ignorant courage, or has too much curiosity already muddled your brains, giving you the audacity to pry at what my master does?"

Byron had on a set of easily identified scholar robes with the Truth Union insignia emblazoned on.

He was no stranger to the kind of wording and tone used by this elf. This was how a staunch believer whose everything was for their 'lord' was.

It wasn't just restricted to the Church of the Dome and other official religions. Even within the Truth Union, there were also some who would get fanatical when talking about the greatness of knowledge.

A tremendous aether dazzling like a torch exuded from the elf opposite them and she didn't conceal her dangerous aura at all.

It allowed Byron to sober up from his disoriented state and he was able to restrain his overwhelming curiosity. After being stunned for a few moments, he realized his back was riddled with cold sweat.

What was I thinking?

Ignoring Mr. Joseph's advice, having a dispute with him and trying to butt into a place classified as an S-Rank zone by Secret Rite Tower. My curiosity would have gotten me killed even if I had multiple lives.

Right now, Byron was bewildered and experienced a lingering fear. He swore to himself that he hadn't wanted to do so originally.

Even though he was the one in-charge dispatched over by the Truth Union, he didn't really have much combat ability and was purely responsible to make a record.

For a fight between Destructive-ranks, the

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