Chapter 54: Let Him Be Our Eyes
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 54: Let Him Be Our Eyes

The 'bounty' set by the Truth Union was something known by everyone.

It had been two whole years yet nobody had really taken on this bounty.

Firstly, it was the duty of Secret Rite Tower's knights to root out evil and keep the peace. Also, most people didn't have a need for such superfluous justice.

Secondly, even if the black magician Wilde had been grievously hurt, he was still a Destructive-rank after all.

A crippled Destructive-rank was still a force to reckon with.

Even a half-dead Destructive-rank could still slay Pandemonium-ranks with just a twitch of the lips as long as he could still harness the aether.

Nobody beneath Destructive-rank strength would dare take on this bullet.

And would any Destructive-ranks be in need of money?

They were all great beings, and would any need to do the job personally should they want to kill someone?

Thirdly, a failure would harm their own reputation, so the gains wouldn't make up for the losses.

On top of that, even Joseph, Wilde's greatest foe hadn't even taken up this bounty, so why should most people join in the excitement?

To top it off, Wilde's whereabouts were still unknown till now. There was no way of verifying whether he was still alive without any accurate information.

Previously, there had been some rumors that Wilde was within Norzin, but there hadn't been any follow-up since.

Accepting this job meant spending a great deal of effort to first find the missing Wilde which was a tough task itself.

With these lines of reasoning, Wilde's bounty being taken on for the first time in two years wasn't out of the ordinary.

Walter Leonard, the Truth Union's Head of Alchemy rebutted disgruntledly when he heard what was said. “If mine is a messy research project, then your mechanics department is just absolutely useless. All you do is research stuff like 'fully-automated hair washers' or a 'dual-purpose muffler glove'. In my opinion, the vice-chairman should cut your expenses.”

Following that, he asked with a weird look on his face, "Was there really someone who took on Wild

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