Chapter 43: Do Good Deeds Without Leaving
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 43: Do Good Deeds Without Leaving

"It's all good if you know what to do. With your wisdom, I believe Old Wil will definitely handle this matter properly."

Lin Jie continued on with a sigh. "I know this might be a little difficult to bear as he is your son. However, you might regret even more in the future if you don't do so.”

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Alas, facing the truth is painful indeed. But the sooner a money-grubbing fellow like this is exposed, the better it will be for both Old Wil and society.

Lin Jie was just this sort of kind soul that does good deeds without leaving a name behind.

Wilde was aged and lacked affection, so being deceived wasn’t out of the ordinary. However, as a friend, Lin Jie felt that he definitely needed to step out and remind Wilde at such times.

There were three types of friends that are advantageous. Upright, sincere, and knowledgeable.

[TL Note: A Confucius saying]

Although Lin Jie felt he couldn’t be all three, he still felt the need to give proper guidance when witnessing such a situation.

"Right now, you have chosen to indulge and that didn’t just land you in unfavorable circumstances, it is also a great disrespect to the memory of Charles in your heart. It's mistake after mistake by choosing to go down this way. Do you really want to completely destroy him? Rather than regretting after it's too late, why not leave behind that last bit of beautiful memory?”

Yes, the returning Charles... was just but an empty shell. The actual Charles had died a long time ago.

How could Wilde attempt to deceive himself and treat the corpse before his eyes as Charles?!

That was utterly insulting to the memory of his disciple!

At this moment, Wilde was completely ashamed of himself but his gaze turned cold as he suddenly came to a realization. After some time, he uttered, "You are right. I was muddled this time. I will deal with this matter as soon as possible."

Those people that toyed with his feelings by using Charles were the ones that truly needed to be 'dealt with'.

Wilde wasn't oblivious to the truth. It was just that he clung on to the memory of his disciple, allowing himself to be voluntarily deceived to relive those times with his disciple...

Once this whole episode was over, what was meant to die would still be dead.

However, his actions had led to an even greater risk, immersing him in a confused state where he couldn't determine between truth and false.

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