Chapter 44: Killing With A Borrowed Sword
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 44: Killing With A Borrowed Sword

Morpheygot to her feet with some difficulty.

She was covered in blood and her elegant nun gown was now tattered and revealed the outlines of her curvaceous body.

She stood expressionlessly in the center of the wreckage and surveyed the surrounding destruction, as well as the massive crater around her.

A black coffin buried within the earth had appeared in the central point of the crater where the altar had been. On it, several pale skeletons with outstretched hands seemed as though they were fighting to grasp the red gemstone embedded in the middle of the coffin.

'Coffin of Eternal Rest’.

This was the iconic sorcery artifact used by the Destructive-rank black magician, 'Precant' Morphey.

In general, most magician's sorcery tools were merely items that provided assistance or simplified processes. In the end, the power of a spell lay in the amount of aether mustered as well as one's combat abilities.

For example, when using blaze incantations, low-level magicians would employ tools such as gunpowder and sulfur, whereas high-level magicians only needed to chant a curse.

Therefore, the impression most people had of black magicians were secretive dark-robed beings that carried all sorts of strange magical tools on them like the ignition materials when using blaze incantations.

All of these were simply supplementary and could slightly increase the strength of a spell. However, such tools wouldn't have a great effect.

However, when it came to a sorcery tool possessing extraordinary power, the uses of such a tool would far exceed being just supplementary.

On the other hand, the Coffin of Eternal Rest was a powerful sorcery tool with the capacity of 'resurrection'. It was an extremely dangerous taboo article.

Morphey had used the Coffin of Eternal Rest to resurrect Wilde's disciple Charles and turned him into her own puppet with the aim of getting close to Wilde and killing him.

This wasn't a plan that had been concocted overnight.

The entire procedure of this plan had been conceived back when Wilde's other disciple Uri was still alive.

According to what Uri had said, his teacher's favoritism towards Charles was like a father's love and not how a teacher treated a disciple.

As a more talented fellow disciple, Uri ultimately killed Charles out of envy one day and then defected.

Although Wilde was a Destructive-rank black magician, he had once been defeated by Joseph and possessed such a mortal weakness.

Thus, he would be the best nourishment for the Magic Ovum Mirror.

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