Chapter 42: Do You Understand?
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 42: Do You Understand?

Lin Jie was rather satisfied with what he considered a deep, thought-provoking opener.

An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.

Just like how a composition needed a good introduction and thesis statement to outline one's viewpoint.

On such a fine morning where there was already a customer, starting the day with a classic fable couldn't have been any better.

Indeed, this story had been deliberately narrated for Old Wil.

An empty nester like Old Wil needed to maintain vigilance and care in his ordinary everyday life.

Today, Old Wil had come over before Lin Jie had even opened the shop.

Everyday, Lin Jie would get up at 6.30 a.m. and open for business at 7. It was ten minutes away from his opening time and the sky outside was still pitch black and no different from night.

Old Wil lived quite a distance away from the bookstore. Judging from their past conversations, it required approximately an hour's journey to reach here.

Heavy rain, lightning, and strong gales made traveling along slippery ground slightly dangerous in this darkness.

In such horrendous weather, Old Wil had traveled quite a distance all by himself early in the morning. If any accidents were to happen along the way, perhaps nobody would even notice it and Old Wilmight justvanish quietly in the heavy downpour without anyone knowing.

These weren't merely Lin Jie's groundless fears. Previously, the news had reported several buildings collapsing and it hadn't occurred too far away from here. Clearly, the outside situation was rather dangerous right now.

Wouldn't an aged and crippled man out gallivanting in this weather be a perfect recipe for a tragedy?

Alas, how worrying...

At this moment, Wilde was feeling as if a bolt of lightning had struck his heart. His hand holding on to the cup trembled slightly.

After forcibly controlling the tremors, he answered, "The farmer wasn't wrong. He was merely showing kindness. The snake wasn't at fault either, it was merely exhibiting its instincts."

Lin Jie strolled over to his seat behind the counter and sat down. "A decent and neutral opinion. In the end, this was a tragic outcome borne from coincidence. It appears that there isn't anything much to dispute about it.

"However, this story isn't a story on fairness. The farmer extended his so-called kindness and yet it resulted in his death. What do you think goes through his mind just before he dies?"

Wilde stayed silent for some time before he muttered, "Probably regret."

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