Chapter 304: Raid on The Corpse Devouring Sect
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 304: Raid on The Corpse Devouring Sect

Ever since she beat Oswald’s grandson into a coma, Melissa had been confined by her own father for a week.

Melissa was in the combat division and hence wasn’t supposed to be under Joseph’s supervision. It was just that Joseph did have many former friends as he had former enemies.

Melissa’s current top superior, Winston, also happened to also be a good friend of Joseph’s.

Therefore, it could even be said that Melissa had been a ‘junior personnel that had caught the member of a corrupt internal faction’ and had done a meritorious deed.

However, her attacks had been too overpowering and had given Todd a severe concussion. Medical attention hadn’t been provided quickly enough, resulting in Todd’s brain function being affecting and causing him to suffer brain damage.

Thus, in accordance with Secret Rite Tower regulations, she was to be placed under a seven-day confinement as punishment for causing grievous hurt to another.

Of course, this explanation was just surface level.

Joseph had rejoined Secret Rite Tower and was immediately raised back to the rank of Great Radiant Knight. Therefore, the situation wasn’t as simple as it would be if just a few regular knights were involved.

The entire Oswald faction had influence in all four of Secret Rite Tower’s divisions. If Oswald was likened to be a tree that shaded them, these people were like the roots, boring into every corner of the organization.

Uprooting the problem at its… roots wasn’t an easy task.

At present, their greatest backer had fallen, and these people could no longer hide under his protection. However, it was much harder dealing with the underlings than the boss. Ordinary members that lacked power usually idled away and remained unnoticed precisely because of this.

Therefore, it meant that when things went south, they would continue to stay even more hidden, making it difficult to be tracked down.

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Furthermore, back when Joseph at his prime was the Great Radiant Knight Chief, his righteous and upright character had offended many. Their distaste for him only grew with time, resulting in a hidden maelstrom gradually swelling.

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