Chapter 303: Can’t Stop Myself
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 303: Can’t Stop Myself

Ji Zhixiu was stunned. She had initially wanted to add on more but realized she wasn’t in a business meeting and hence had no room for negotiation. Thus, she was quick to nod her head. “Your wish is my command.”

“Mmm.” Lin Jie nodded as well, but he suddenly realized the subtle change in Ji Zhixiu’s expression and was skillfully able to pick up some hesitance on her face that had yet to fade.

Miss Ji seemed rather disappointed at the thought of not being able to personally bring him to the party.

Which also meant to say—she was actually looking forward to escorting him to the venue of the birthday party?

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow.

Shouldn’t the star party be sitting down elegantly while accepting gifts and greetings from others?

Why would she ‘downgrade’ herself and specially make the trip to the bookstore to escort me?

What a strange arrangement, how unlike that of the party’s host…

However, this very frantic expression and the crimson blush on her face during previous trips had also been very explicit. She had also requested for a rose as well as invited Lin Jie to her birthday party.

On top of that, Miss Ji had first stumbled across the bookstore at a time when she was suffering great emotional distress and betrayal.

In such a feeble state of mind, she had been given a heart-warming bowl of ‘chicken soup for the soul.’ As such, it was easy for her to tie this feeling of warmth and relief to Lin Jie who had provided that for her.

Resulting in developing feelings she wouldn’t have otherwise.

This was the bold guess Lin Jie had.

Thus, Lin Jie felt obligated to help this lost lamb turn back, lest Miss Ji finds herself stuck in a ‘quagmire,’ unable to extricate herself from a dream that could never become reality.

Ji Zhixiu wrapped the five books and placed them in a specialized box before saying cautiously, “If that’s the case, I’ll make preparations for these few…”

“Wait a moment,” Lin Jie said as he got into his most common posture: arms folded with chin propped on his interlocking fingers. “I feel the

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