Chapter 302: Recipe Book
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 302: Recipe Book

Blood Sacrifice.

Ji Zhixiu’s still agitated heart started to palpitate once again the moment she laid eyes on the book's title.

From the titles alone, the previous few books would seem mysterious and intimidating, but before seeing the contents, a casual observer could only rely on their imagination to deduce what was inside.

Someone like Ji Zhixiu, who was already well accustomed with Boss Lin’s capabilities, would naturally be in awe of these books.

However, to an ordinary person, these books would cause some doubts.

More so when the latest book with its rather appalling cover page was before everyone in all of its bloody glory.

The contents of the book could be deduced at a glance.

Blood sacrifices!

Rituals which involved living flesh and blood to be sacrificed to the gods!

But some queries stood: whose flesh and blood was to be used? What type of ritual was to be conducted? And who was the godly recipient of these offerings?

Ji Zhixiu’s heart pounded violently. She recalled that faithful rainy night, where the old man Wilde had passed her by outside the bookstore.

According to recent sources, that old man had now established a new yet powerful force in the shadows of Norzin—an evil sect known as the ‘Corpse Devouring Sect.’

It was rumored that they had chosen a god whose ‘omniscience held the knowledge and power equivalent to the indefinite universe.’ They would carry out extremely cruel methods in order to turn their enemies into sacrifices to be offered to their god.

The popularity of the Corpse Devouring Sect had recently seen a boom in Norzin, gaining strength and members at such a high rate that they were almost rivaling the Sun’s Faith.

The two were like light and darkness; one akin to rays of sunlight shining unto humanity, while the other was like a rapidly spreading mold.

Their inhumane methods, stringent rules, and fanaticism of the followers were all factors which made people fear the Corpse Devouring Sect.

The organization was viewed like a scourge, denouncing the sudden appearance of this alleged omniscient entity as an evil god.

Only, they probably didn’t even know the name of this evil god, nor did they know of his origins and legends. All of this was fabricated by Wilde. It was a cunning ruse to quickly rope and brainwash others into being his followers.

But as a regular of the bookstore, a daring thought had popped into Ji Zhixiu’s head.

That is, this evil god must be somewhat connected to the bookstore.

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