Chapter 305: The Truth Union’s Request
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 305: The Truth Union’s Request

Something isn’t right!

Melissa immediately became alert when she heard that there was a mission.

Before she was put in confinement, Joseph had told Melissa that he would transfer her to the Intelligence Division in order to better protect and guide her.

Now that Joseph had successfully made a spectacular comeback, he would only face more troubles in the future.

And under this sort of circumstances, Melissa was basically his only weakness. Thus, transferring her to the Intelligence Division was most appropriate and the only choice for both Joseph and herself.

While the Combat Division was the strongest of the four Secret Rite Tower divisions, with more than half of the current ten Great Radiant Knights inside, it was also the division responsible for the vast majority of the dangerous tasks with more than enough opportunities for actual combat.

For any ordinary member of Secret Rite Tower, joining the Combat Division was undoubtedly the best choice if they wished to advance further.

Many from the other divisions felt that joining the Combat Division was glorious and racked their brains trying to think of ways to squeeze in.

But in terms of combat, was there anyone currently in Secret Rite Tower that could compare with Joseph, who was formerly the Great Radiant Knight Chief?

Should Melissa want to learn how to fight, wouldn’t it be easy to ask her father to mentor her?

Also, Joseph's comeback was the decision made by the Council of Elders and naturally, they supported him fully. The case regarding Oswald’s situation a few days ago had been put to bed with all credit being attributed to Joseph, and he was reinstated the title of Great Radiant Knight the following day.

Like a storm, it swept through the entire Secret Rite Tower.

All of Joseph's admirers went ‘crazy.’ Oswald was a veteran Great Radiant Knight and was a genuine Destructive-rank even if he was already aged.

Joseph’s indifferent remark at that time, "Unfortunately, Oswald, despicable would just be your epitaph," and the image of Oswald's head

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