Chapter 306: The Void Intermediary’s Demonstration of Strength
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 306: The Void Intermediary’s Demonstration of Strength

The image that appeared in the instructor’s eyes was fleeting and soon disappeared into the depths of his pupils.

The strange sneer on his face that had appeared on his face in that brief moment melted away like snow, turning into a somewhat vacant expression.

"Wh, what’s going on...? Why am I here? What was I doing here again?" muttered the instructor in confusion as he stared at his two hands.

The faint dizziness made him feel unsteady on his feet.

He shook his head to take a breather, stood still, and frowned at the empty confinement chamber in front of him.

Vague memories gradually emerged in his mind.

He had received an order from his superior to release Melissa from the confinement chamber... which he did.

Then, he was to inform Melissa to go through the paperwork of transferring her from the Combat Division to the Intelligence Division to be under her father, Joseph.

Although her entire team was out on a mission, this was a direct order of the highest priority from the Council of Elders which overrode all previous orders.

While this seemed like special treatment, everyone knew that Joseph was in high demand now, and the Council of Elders seemed to be determined to nurture Joseph to be the core of Secret Rite Tower.

Moreover, it wasn’t just as simple as just regaining the title of Chief Great Radiant Knight. Joseph had already attained this honor in the past, and to be given this title now… Perhaps the Council of Elders intended to make him the youngest ‘one of their own.’

When considering it this way, it seemed that no special treatment was too much for Melissa, Joseph's only daughter.

“So... Have I finished informing her?”

The instructor couldn’t not help wondering.

Currently, he had a vague recollection that he had indeed informed Melissa, had a few words with her, and the latter had also nodded in agreement.

However, for some reason, something felt off… yet he couldn't put his finger around what was wrong.

"Nevermind, since she’s already left, I should have completed the task. And there shouldn’t be any problem whatsoever.”

The instructor shook his head and gave a sheepish laugh. “How could anything go wrong?”

He checked the confinement chamber, then closed the door and turned to leave, muttering to himself, "I’m probably drained from undertaking too many missions these days… I’d better ask for leave and take a few days off to rest.”

As he got further and further away, the entrance of the confinement chamber returned to silence.

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