Chapter 307: The Sullen Void
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 307: The Sullen Void

The reason Zaphkiel got the moniker ‘Void Intermediary’ was very simple—he had already managed to intertwine his soul and spirit to the void. The reformed body beneath his cloak was the result and proof of his entwinement with the void.

At this moment, his wisps of consciousness that flowed within the void had now extended into the lair of the Broodmother.

Where’s Sandalphon?

Zaphkiel wondered as he surveyed the deserted nest.

With a frown, he allowed the void to extend and sweep through every nook and cranny of the lair. However, other than cracked ancient stone walls, numerous strands of spider silk, and several crushed dark elves, there really was nothing else of note in the collapsed cave.

The entire place was practically as silent as a ghost town.

However, Zaphkiel was absolutely certain that this was the lair in which Sandalphon had hibernated within for thousands of years. As a Supreme-rank, he would never make a simple mistake such as ‘entering the wrong door.’

In fact, not too long ago, Sandalphon’s shadow spiders had even delivered Michael’s orders to him. This was definite proof of her awakening.

Since she’s already awakened, she couldn’t possibly have just—Well, she did disappear into thin air.

Could she have personally gone to inform the others? But is it really necessary to mobilize everyone herself when it’s just such a simple situation?

Zaphkiel inspected his surroundings again, this time discovering an outlier in the cave.

There were strange markings where the stone walls and the ground connected. These closely resembled scratch marks from someone attempting to cling on and fight for their life.

If these marks were really made by fingers, without a doubt, Sandalphon was the owning living being that fit the bill.

In other words, owing to unknown circumstances, the person that had struggled viciously at this spot was indeed Sandalphon.

Could she have encountered an enemy?

It was only natural for Zaphkiel to come to this conclusion, and his face turned sullen.

Encountering an enemy at such a time was way too much of a coincidence.

He was instantly reminded of the common enemy they were going to face—the existence known as Lin Jie, the owner of that nameless bookstore.

Did he lay a hand on Sandalphon?

Zaphkiel considered the possibility, albeit with a sliver of doubt and bewilderment.

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