Chapter 61 - Dragon’s Wealth
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 61 - Dragon’s Wealth

“Salutations, Lord Caracolon.”

Sisna respectfully curtsied when she laid eyes on Louie.

Demigods were sacred beings, and before them, even legendary rank powerhouses needed to maintain an air of humility. In the many realms of San Soliel, very few divine entities existed. And most mortals could not even dream of attaining such an exalted status.

“Great Master, your humble servant answers your call. What is your order?”

In front of Louie, Marches remained demure and respectful. He put forth his most sincere expression.

Louie shot them a wordless glance. In truth, as he was a fake demigod, their respective auras put him under quite a bit of pressure. After all, one of them was a seven ring mage and the other a legendary ranked elf ranger. Nevertheless, due to his impressive showing from when he took the city, the two subordinates felt even greater pressure from him.

Louie didn’t care much for the old mage. Aside from his knowledge and the fact that he had signed a binding contract with him, there really wasn’t too much he could offer that the elves couldn’t. Sisna on the other hand… Well, her elegant form filled his mind with thoughts of a carnal nature.

‘Could it be that becoming a juvenile dragon has strengthened my instincts?’ He pondered. and it was likely the main reason.

In a rare show of embarrassment, he shrunk his size in order to preserve some modesty. After all, he had not completely abandoned human norms. And standing stark naked in a huge form before two people was quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, he was lying on his stomach, so certain parts were out of view for them.

He took a deep breath, and his expression became stern.

“Marches, inspect these things for me and tell me if there are problems.”

“Yes, great and supreme master.”

Marches tried to remain as humble as possible. He carefully walked to the pile of sacks that occupied a large area and picked one up. He felt that these bags were similar to what the common people used in San Soleil. They were sturdy, cheaply built, and used by people who did ma

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