Chapter 61 - Dragon’s Wealth
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 61 - Dragon’s Wealth

“Salutations, Lord Caracolon.”

Sisna respectfully curtsied when she laid eyes on Louie.

Demigods were sacred beings, and before them, even legendary rank powerhouses needed to maintain an air of humility. In the many realms of San Soliel, very few divine entities existed. And most mortals could not even dream of attaining such an exalted status.

“Great Master, your humble servant answers your call. What is your order?”

In front of Louie, Marches remained demure and respectful. He put forth his most sincere expression.

Louie shot them a wordless glance. In truth, as he was a fake demigod, their respective auras put him under quite a bit of pressure. After all, one of them was a seven ring mage and the other a legendary ranked elf ranger. Nevertheless, due to his impressive showing from when he took the city, the two subordinates felt even greater pressure from him.

Louie didn’t care much for the old mage. Aside from his knowledge and the fact that he had signed a binding contract with him, there really wasn’t too much he could offer that the elves couldn’t. Sisna on the other hand… Well, her elegant form filled his mind with thoughts of a carnal nature.

‘Could it be that becoming a juvenile dragon has strengthened my instincts?’ He pondered. and it was likely the main reason.

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In a rare show of embarrassment, he shrunk his size in order to preserve some modesty. After all, he had not completely abandoned human norms. And standing stark naked in a huge form before two people was quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, he was lying on his stomach, so certain parts were out of view for them.

He took a deep breath, and his expression became stern.

“Marches, inspect these things for me and tell me if there are problems.”

“Yes, great and supreme master.”

Marches tried to remain as humble as possible. He carefully walked to the pile of sacks that occupied a large area and picked one up. He felt that these bags were similar to what the common people used in San Soleil. They were sturdy, cheaply built, and used by people who did manual work.

He thought for a bit and pulled out a dagger from his waist. Although it was relatively useless to mages, they would often keep one on them for some protection. Who knew if they would suddenly come in handy.

He cut open the sack and a stream of granular material poured out. When he looked at it closely, he was flabbergasted, then he kneeled down while cupping his hand to scoop a handful, “Lord God of Magic, these are… these are!”

Sisna, who had been maintaining her humility, heard his exclamation. She looked at Marches and saw what came out of the sack. She exclaimed, “Refined wheat!”

Although the sacks were piled up like a mountain, Marches did not dare continue using the dagger to open them and shuddered, “Master, could all of these be…”

“Yeah, most of this is refined wheat, about 200,000 tons of it.”

Louie said calmly.

“200,000 tons!?”

Marches felt as if he was mishearing things, and said, “Twe-twenty tons of refined wheat???”

“I hope that I will not have to repeat what I said.”

Marches paled at his response.

‘That’s right, how could such a huge mountain only be twenty tons.’

Realizing the sheer scale of the crops, Marches almost fainted. Sisna on the other hand had an excited expression. Even a person of her status could not help but be stunned by the crop quantity.

“What’s the problem?”

Louie was puzzled. He could not understand why the wheat left them awestruck.

200,000 tons might seem a lot, but this was probably only a fraction of America’s annual exports. This was probably only one in two thousand of Earth’s worldwide exports.

Moreover, this calculation was only limited to wheat. If other produce was included, this was only a single strand of hair on an ox.

“Master, these are refined wheat, refined wheat! It doesn’t have any bran! Only nobility can afford to eat this. This much refined wheat added together is enough for all nobles in the continent to eat for years!”

Marches was excited and gestured animatedly.

Although he could not say the words he was feeling clearly, he was subconsciously thinking that this was a mountain of gold.

“Oh. Well, this wheat should be enough for the people of my Dragon City to eat for three years, right?”

Louie did not know much about food or wheat. He only felt that these were processed flour that was used to make bread, noodles, and many things that he ate daily in the past.

“You… you actually want to give such good refined wheat to those untouchables to eat?”

Marches’ knees almost gave in.

So much refined wheat was so hard to find even with all the amount every country on the continent has combined.

It was not that these countries did not have a reserve. According to calculation, human countries should have two tons of grain in reserve, but this was refined wheat. Refined wheat could make soft white bread that only nobility could enjoy. Grains in the granary could only make black bread to fill the stomach.

‘Could it be that there is some hidden, grain-filled realm in this world? Could this demigod dragon have stolen from a grain-producing realm to obtain so much refined wheat?’

On the other hand, Sisna was also wide-eyed after hearing Louie’s words.

‘Oh, Lady Silver Moon. Even if we lived such a fine life, only a few people are able to eat such good refined wheat. Elves don’t grow crops, which only makes them more precious!”

“O Goddess, how wealthy is this dragon to ignore this much refined wheat that could shake every kingdom?’

The basin of poverty really separates Louie from the masses!

AUTHOR NOTE: Please treat it as if the two worlds have the same unit of measurement.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Please treat it as if the two worlds have the same unit of measurement.