Chapter 60 - There’s Nothing a Dragon Won’t Bang!!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 60 - There’s Nothing a Dragon Won’t Bang!!

After being summoned by the lord of Dragon City, Marches rushed to the church at the peak of the city. It had become the new city lord’s palace.

Two days prior, he had been instructed by Dragon Lord Galakrond to create a scroll with the [Lightness] attribute. He had told several elven mages to do so as well.

Not daring to question his lord’s orders, Marches quickly complied. After spending two sleepless nights, he had managed to meet Louie’s required quota.

As for why he needed so many magic scrolls, Marches did not even hypothesize. In his opinion, the great demigod dragon might want convenient magic for some reason or the other.

As naturally lazy creatures, dragons rarely bothered to learn human spells. The focus, dedication, and effort required to piece together spells in the human magic system was something they could hardly spend effort on. They were much more at home relying on their innate racial abilities and bloodlines.

Of course, as they aged, their talent for magic would grow as well, and learning human spells would be a simple matter for them. It was for this reason that they deserved their reputations as one-man armies. They rolled up extreme physical prowess and magical competence into a single deadly package.

But because dragons often only used racial spells, the range of their magical abilities was quite narrow. The vast majority of these spells were more combat-oriented. Spells like [Lightness] were not things a dragon would deign to learn.

In Marches’ opinion, the lord would be transporting a lot of heavy objects. That was the only reason why he would have them make so many [Lightness] spell scrolls. Although the lord was a demigod and could use divine power to do things more efficiently than using magic power, a demigod was quite different from a real god. For demigods, divine power was a treasure and was hard to replenish. That’s why using divine power to simulate spells was too wasteful. If things could be solved with magic, then it would be better than wasting divine power.

As for why his lord didn’t just ask them to cast the magic directly, he decided not to pry, since it should be his lord’s secret.

Just as Marches guessed, Louie was troubled with moving 200,000 tons of food without any modern machinery. Even if he could just throw the bags into the gate, this was still a big job. Even if he summoned many earth elementals, it would still take a lot of time.

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SPECIAL CORRECTION: In chapter 16, it's stated that various races lived in Central City, but it was the author's mistake. Only humans lived in Central City. I will be changing it to keep the story consistent.